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Concord Robbery Suspect Caught in Oakley After Vehicle Crash

by CC News

The Oakley Police Department took a person into custody after a police pursuit led to a vehicle crash at Laurel Road and Empire Wednesday afternoon.

The crash occurred at 12:50 pm and the vehicle was wanted in connection of multiple robberies, including a recent robbery in the City of Concord.

According to preliminary information, the suspect was wanted in connection with a 211 robbery in 5300 block of Crystal Avenue where the subject was robbed at gunpoint. The take was a Rolex, a cell phone and wallet.

1:13 pm UPDATE via Oakley PD:
Major Police activity at Empire Avenue and Laurel Road; please avoid the area and use alternate routes. We anticipate the road will be closed for approximately an hour and a half. We will provide updates as available.

Oakley Police Update

According to Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard, two suspects were arrested after officers were watching a vehicle wanted in connection with a robbery out of the City of Concord Wednesday morning. The vehicle had been located on Filbert Ct. in the City of Oakley.

When the vehicle left, police pursued the vehicle with speeds reaching 70-mph down Laurel before the crash where a red-light was ran by the suspects. They were identified as:

  • A Christopher Rodriquez, 22-year-old male, of Oakley (driver)
  • Jimmy Cartwright, 23-year-old male, of Antioch (passenger)

Reason for pursuit that the vehicle was involved in the robbery, Concord PD took the two subjects into custody and with Concord Police.

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Former Resident January 25, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Considering high school drop out rate in this state, criminal activity is to be expected.
Kids learn skills to offer an employer, ethics and empathy for their fellow man in school, at home and in church. OR kids will learn a skill set of the streets, where empathy for their fellow man is an unknown, self centered take what they want mentality and violence is but a tool to achieve their needs.
CA used to hide their educational failures in state prisons which became too embarrassing and expensive to run. So DEMs emptied state prisons. Think of increase we’re seeing as your reward for electing DEMs.
Would not be surprised if person is already on parole or probation, after all this is soft on crime CA where a criminal has to really work hard to end up in state prison.

LoveableCurmudgeon January 26, 2023 - 2:37 am

For all of my fellow Antioch-ians…..Oakley is leading the charge in the crime wars. Who knew?

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