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Taco Review: Legends at Diablo Creek

by CC News

In search of the perfect taco in Contra Costa County, I find myself at Legends at Diablo Creek in the City of Concord.

Now let’s be clear, this a grill at a golf course so you don’t come for the tacos, but rather drinks,  bar food, burgers and sandwiches. But, with street tacos on the menu, figured I’d roll the dice with 4 tacos at $12 which is a deal since most places offer up just 3 tacos.

Upon the order arriving, my initial thought was what did I just order and maybe I should have gone with a burger. I swear this was something I could simply make at home and could be just as enjoyable. The presentation left a lot to be desired when comparing eating out versus homemade.

The positives, I was full–four tacos will probably do that for most people. The tortillas were soft and good combo of salsa to meet ratio. The chicken was surprisingly good and when you threw everything together it was a decently soft bite that worked well together.

Bottom line, this is a decent taco thrown together. At home, one can easily make something comparable to these tacos with all the same ingredients. There is no “wow” factor here and maybe its not meant to be for those finishing up 18-holes of golf.  The redeeming factor here is you will be full eating four tacos for lunch.

Score: 6.7


Legends at Diablo Creek
4050 Port Chicago Hwy,  Concord CA
(925) 687-4111
Website: www.legendsdiablocreek.com
Instagram: Click here


  • 9.0+ = Masters of the taco.
  • 8.0 -8.9 = This is a great taco.
  • 7.0 – 7.9 = Taco you can eat everyday and be perfectly happy.
  • 6.0 – 6.9 = Eatable.
  • 5.0 – 5.9 = Might as well eat fast food.
  • 4.9 & below = Pass.

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