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Feb 5-11: El Cerrito Police Calls

by CC News
El Cerrito

The following is a sampling of the El Cerrito Police Calls reported between February 5-11 which focuses on the higher priority call responses in the City of El Cerrito.

The following is a summary of criminal activity for the El Cerrito Police Department. It does not include all crimes. It also does not include non-criminal events such as missing persons, traffic collisions, non-criminal deaths, non-criminal disputes, nor many other police activities that do not result in arrest.

Calls For Service


  • 2/5 – 10794 San Pablo Ave (Marshall’s):  At 12:20 PM, a suspect entered the Marshall’s store to shoplift.  When a Marshall’s LP Agent took the property back from the suspect inside the store and told him to leave, the suspect punched her on her shoulder with a closed fist.  He was escorted out of the store by other LP Agents with no known theft.


Burglary – Auto

  • 2/9 – 7000 Block of Moeser Ln. At 7:12pm, an officer took an auto burglary report.


Burglary – Commercial

  • 2/6 – 24 Hour Fitness, 10363 San Pablo Ave: At 9:32 PM, an officer reports a suspect broke into the victim’s locker and removed her property.


Burglary – Residential

  • 2/10 – 1000 block of Villa Nueva:  At 4:07 PM, an officer reports the victim returned home to find the suspect running down his driveway carrying a bag. The suspect entered by forcing the front door and stole items from inside the home.


  • 2/11 – 400 block of Seaview Dr: At 8:40 AM, an officer reports the arrest of a 55 year old Kensington man for DUI after he crashed his car into a parked vehicle.


Grand Theft

  • 2/5 – 700 block of Kearney St:  A coin collection worth $1000 was stolen at an unknown date and time.
  • 2/5 – 6600 Block of Moeser Ln.: At 2:50 AM, an officer reports the victim was in his upstairs bedroom when he heard sawing noises coming from outside of his residence. The victim went downstairs and looked out the window and saw the suspect near his vehicle. The suspect noticed the victim and ran to his vehicle with the catalytic converter from the victim’s vehicle
  • 2/7 – 900 block of Elm St: The victims power tools that were in his garage, and cash, were stolen from January 23rd to February 7th.
  • 2/9 – 700 block of Richmond St: The victim’s catalytic converter was stolen from their vehicle from February 9th at 9:15am to February 9th.
  • 2/11 – 1400 block of Liberty St:  At 8:58 AM, an officer reports the theft of a catalytic converter at 2:30 AM this morning.


Organized Retail Theft

  • 2/8 – 10794 San Pablo Ave. (Marshalls): At 7:54pm, an officer reports the theft of $180 worth of merchandise.
  • 2/10 – 10794 San Pablo Ave (Marshall’s): At 2:38 PM, an officer reports two unidentified suspects stole menswear, luggage and Michael Kors handbags.  Loss prevention agents recovered some property before the suspects fled with the rest.


Petty Theft

  • 2/5 – 10636 San Pablo Ave (24-hour Fitness): At 1:20 AM, an officer reports an unknown suspect stole the victim’s wallet containing credits cards from an unlocked locker. The suspect attempted to make a purchase at a gas station in Richmond.
  • 2/8 – Marshall’s 10794 San Pablo Ave: At approximately 2:04pm. the suspect entered the store and stole miscellaneous clothing items.
  • 2/8 – Pastime Hardware 10057 San Pablo Ave. At approximately 2:22pm, the suspect stole a $200.00 vacuum and fled.
  • 2/10 – 3090 El Cerrito Plaza (Starbucks):  At 2:57 PM, an officer reports a backpack containing clothing the victim just bought from Ross was stolen when he left it at the table while using the restroom.



  • 2/5 – 11687 San Pablo Ave (Valero): At 4:55 pm, an unidentified suspect robbed the cashier at Valero at gunpoint.  The suspect was last seen on foot northbound on the San Pablo Avenue.
  • 2/6 – 11775 San Pablo Avenue (Frannie Express Hawaiian BBQ):  At approximately 7:47 PM, an officer reports a suspect entered the business and brandished a firearm at the cashier and demanded cash.



  • 2/6 – 11060 San Pablo Ave (Harbor Freight Tools):  At 10:42 AM, a suspect stole power tools and fled the business.
  • 2/6 – 11545 San Pablo Ave (Ross):  At 3:33 PM, an unidentified white male repeat offender suspect stole merchandise and left the business.
  • 2/10 – 5805 Cutting Blvd (Sketchers):  At 2:53 PM, an officer reports an unidentified suspect stole a pair of shoes.
  • 2/11 – San Pablo Ave. (Marshalls): At 7:29 PM, an officer was dispatch to the business for an unrelated matter and was flagged down in regards to a theft. The officer detained the suspect who was in possession of unpaid merchandise. The suspect was issued a citation and released at the scene.
  • 2/11 – 670 El Cerrito Plaza (CVS): At 7:51pm, an officer reports the theft of liquor.



  • 2/7 – Frannie Express 11775 San Pablo Ave. At 3:37am, a suspect used a large rock and shattered the northern glass door to the business.
  • 2/8 – 250 El Cerrito Plaza: At approximately 12:53pm the suspect used an unknown tool and punctured a tire on the victim’s vehicle.
  • 2/8 – 6300 block of Potrero Ave. At approximately 2:23pm.the suspect kicked the front screen door to the victim’s residence, damaging it
  • 2/11 – 11900 Block of San Pablo Ave. At 5:05 AM, an officer reports two unknown suspects splatter paint on the wall of the business.


Vehicle Theft

  • 2/7 – 10650 San Pablo Ave. At 4:00am, officers patrolling in the area notice an occupied suspicious vehicle. During the investigation, the officers discovered the vehicle had been stolen out of Richmond. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. After booking, the suspect was transported to the MDF.
  • 2/8 – 8600 block of Arbor Dr. The victims white 2010 Audi A5 was stolen last night from 11pm to 12pm this afternoon.  During the investigation, Berkeley PD contacted the victim and advised they recovered the vehicle in their City
  • 2/10 – 11565 San Pablo Ave. (Walgreen’s):  At 7:26 PM, officers were investigating a theft at one of the businesses and discovered the suspects arrived in an unreported stolen vehicle. Both suspects were arrested and transported to the ECPD for booking. After booking, the suspects were released on citations.


Weapons Violations

  • 2/56500 block of Gladys Ave:  At 10:41 AM, officers were dispatched to investigate a suspicious vehicle backed up to the sheds at the dead end of the El Cerrito Royale parking lot.  A 35 year old Sacramento man and a 42 year old San Leandro woman were contacted in the rear seat of a running Chevrolet Suburban with no plates.  The pair were removed from the vehicle based on plain view drug paraphernalia, and the man admitted to smoking fentanyl.  The vehicle was reported stolen out of San Francisco two days ago.  A search of the vehicle revealed more suspected fentanyl and a Glock “ghost gun” firearm with a high capacity drum magazine and no serial number.  Both subjects were on probation out of Alameda County.


Previous Calls

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