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Oakley Police Nab Pair of Suspects After Pursuit, Recover Ghost Gun

Chief Paul Beard

by CC News

The Oakley Police Department says on March 26, 2023 at 11:35PM Oakley Police Officer Hernandez saw a White 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser driving with a false paper plate.  Officer Hernandez attempted a traffic enforcement stop of the vehicle and it continued driving eastbound on E Cypress Rd toward Rubens Way.

The suspect stopped and started several times and Officer Hernandez engaged in a pursuit of that vehicle. The vehicle was pursued southbound on Rubens Way, and then turned eastbound onto Michelangelo Drive.  The vehicle continued on Michelangelo Drive and turned around at the dead end of Michelangelo Drive where it intersects with Donatello Way.

At this point Officer Hernandez saw a gun get thrown out of the passenger side window of the vehicle. The suspect vehicle continued and turned onto Matisse Court. At the end of Matisse Court a black male passenger jumped out of the vehicle and jumped a fence. The suspect vehicle turned back towards Michelangelo and continued to flee.

At this point we had additional officers in the area and we minimally had two separate persons attempting to elude police officers. At least one firearm was known to be part of this situation and the threat to public safety was believed to be significant.

Our officers were able to pursue after the fleeing male and the fleeing vehicle at the same time. In fairly short order we lost the fleeing male. Our officers momentarily lost the fleeing vehicle as it made a series of quick turns in the immediate area. One of our officers relocated the vehicle as he turned a corner, the vehicle was parked in front of a residence on Renoir Court and it was unoccupied. We now had two suspects fleeing us in the neighborhood while on foot.

Our officers found Shante Kelley (Oakley/Oakland, 34) hiding behind trashcans on the side of a residence on Renoir Court. Our officers took Kelley into custody, without incident, after she balked and refused to initially comply with orders to come out from behind the trashcans.

Our officers quickly developed information that Antonio Harris (Hayward, 35) was the passenger who had fled the vehicle earlier and focused their efforts on finding him. Our officers also focused on locating the firearm that was thrown from the vehicle and they found it in the area they had seen it tossed in.

The firearm was determined to be another 9mm “ghost-gun” loaded with a standard capacity magazine and a full compliment of live ammunition. A ghost gun is a firearm lacking manufacturer markings or serial numbers, as a reminder our officers last recovered a ghost gun on March 20, 2023.

Our officers continued their search for Harris throughout the night and at 4:55AM Officer Hernandez, again, saw Harris at the AM/PM at Cypress Road and Main Street. Officer Hernandez safely took Harris into custody. With Harris in custody it was determined he and Kelley were married.

Further investigation revealed Harris has been previously convicted of crimes involving violence with firearms.

Kelley and Harris were arrested and booked for various crimes, including: failing to obey a traffic officer, resisting and obstructing officers, possession of a loaded firearm and possession of a firearm without serial numbers.

“Once again I am finding myself in the position of being very proud of the members of the Oakley Police Department. My officers are consistently discharging their duties by seeking out people who are committing crimes to keep Oakley safe. It is unknown what the end goal was for the suspects in this investigation, but given the fact one of them has a violent criminal past, and a ghost gun was in their possession, it is very clear they were a threat to the community. I appreciate the diligence that was exerted during this investigation, my officers were not content to give up until they did everything they could do to capture everybody involved in this incident and I applaud them.”

~Chief Paul Beard

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George March 31, 2023 - 10:28 am

Great Job OPD!

Teresa L Helton-Behne April 15, 2023 - 8:41 pm

Thank you OPD, its going to get bad out here. I hope you can contyto hire more officers to support our fast growing community

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