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Clayton Gives Update on Fees for Event Applications

by CC News

This week, the City of Clayton issued an update on its discussion with fees after its March 10 decision to terminate its agreement with the Clayton Business and Community Association.

Here is the update that was posted to social media:

Discussion on Fees

Good evening Clayton Community-
The City has noticed some discussion around town and on social media about the proposed changing fees and timing of implementation versus applications.
I want to ensure everyone is hearing the same answers to these questions.
The fees that are charged to a permit applicant are those fees in effect at the time that the person submits the application. So for example, if someone submitted an application on May 30 for an event that is scheduled for August 30, and the fees for that permit increase from $100 to $125 on July 1, the person would pay $100 because that was the fee in effect on May 30 when they applied. We would not go back to charge them the $25 increase after July 1.
Similarly, if fee amounts were subject to an agreement, we would charge the fee amounts in effect under whatever agreement was valid at the time of application submittal.
You can book up to 12 months in advance but that is the upper limit of time one can advance book an event.
I hope this clarification helps the community. If you have further questions, please call City Hall to discuss as this will be your best resource for direct information.
Have a great weekend!
City Manager
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May 18: City Manager Introduces Himself


I’m Bret Prebula, and I am elated to begin this journey with the City of Clayton as City Manager.

My number one objective as I take on this role is to make government a little more personal and less faceless or obscure. Community is important and personal, and it’s important to me that you feel like you know the person leading the staff that keeps this wonderful city humming.
I’d like to start this message by giving you a little introduction to who I am outside of this role in the community:
I am a Bay Area native, born and raised in Vallejo, but currently living in Benicia with my wife Jaclyn, daughter Emersen (10), and our two rescue dogs Penny and Juliette. Prior to my work in government I wore many hats: In my early twenties I was a professional golfer and Head Pro at Mare Island golf course in Vallejo, and an entrepreneur….owning my own golf store, The Shaft Shop, in Benicia.
I still golf as often as I can, but now also proudly wear the hat of “Horse Show Dad” as my daughter begins her competitive riding career alongside my wife. Both are Eventers and amaze me with their bravery and horsemanship!
When not at the golf course or the barn, I can usually be found at one of my two favorite places: South Lake Tahoe or Disneyland.
I began working in the government sphere after completing my Master of Business Administration in 2008. I started in the County of Napa as a staff services analyst for the library, later moving to the Corrections Department to be their Administrative Services Manager. From there, my work took me to County Executive office as a Principal Management Analyst and then The Assistant Treasurer- Tax Collector. I later moved from the county to The City of Napa when I accepted the role as their Finance Director. Next, work brought me closer to home as Finance Director for City of Benicia, and ultimately my final position in their organization: Assistant City Manager.
I feel so lucky to have touched so many different facets of municipal work during my career and feel that these previous roles have primed me to effectively lead the city with a well-rounded understanding of what its various departments require.
My utmost goal as City Manager is to bridge the gap between you, the community, and this office as the government to focus on our common interest: our city.
I implore you to let go of any issues of the past and work alongside me to maintain the bright future of Clayton.
Through focusing on community discussion, transparency from the myself and my team, and not allowing one’s goals to blind them from compromise we can create a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship.

I will strive as the City Manager to create a municipality that focuses on efficiency, realistic cost to delivering current service, and to create a roadmap for improving and innovating the future.

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