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Concord Man Arrested For Attempting to Meet Minor in El Dorado County

Press Release

by CC News
el dorado sheriff

The El Dorado Sheriffs Office High Tech Crimes Detectives were conducting an undercover internet crimes investigation when they were solicited by a 41-year-old man who thought he was chatting with a 13 year old female.

The suspect arranged to meet with the juvenile in a public location within El Dorado County with the intentions of having sex with the girl.

On June 2 the suspect, later identified as 41 year old Joshua Mascitelli, drove from Concord, CA. to do so, but instead met with Detectives from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect brought condoms with him and had already booked a hotel room for them to stay in. Instead the suspect got a free stay in the El Dorado County Jail.

Charges include:

  • 1 count of 288.2(A)(1) PC- Harmful matter sent w/intent sex minor (F) [Felony]
  • 1 count of 288.3(A) PC- Contact minor with intent sex (F) [Felony] Bail: $100000
  • 1 count of 288.4(A)(2) PC- Arrange meeting with minor sex w/prior (F) [Felony] Bail: $100000
  • 1 count of 311.2(D) PC- Dist obsc mtr mnr sex mnr (F) [Felony] Bail: $10000
  • 1 count of 664/207(B) PC- ATTEMPT TO COMMIT KIDNAPPING FOR CHILD MOLESTING [Felony] Bail: $0
  • 1 count of 1269C PC- BAIL INCREASE [Felony] Bail: $0
  • 1 count of 288.4(B) PC- Arrange/go to meeting with minor (F) [Felony] Bail: $0
  • 1 count of 664/288(A) PC- ATTEMPT TO COMMIT LEWD ACT UPON A CHILD UNDER 14 [Felony] Bail: $0
  • 1 count of 288.4(A)(1) PC- Arrange a meeting with minor (M) [Misdemeanor] Bail: $0
  • 1 count of 288.2(A)(2) PC- Harmful matter sent/etc w/intent to seduce minor (F) [Felony] Bail: $0
  • Total Bail: $210,000

As a reminder during Internet Safety Month, EDSO detectives are committed to protecting children from predators both online and off. Parents should be diligent in monitoring their child’s online activities, as well as speaking to them about the importance of being careful who they speak with online, and not being afraid to speak to an adult should something happen to them.

Information released by El Dorado County Sheriffs Office


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