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Barbanica Calls on CHP and Sheriff to Assist Antioch Police

by CC News

On Sunday, Antioch City Councilmember Mike Barbanica requested the City of Antioch begin looking to the California Highway Patrol and Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office to assist the Antioch Police Department.

The call for action was in response to weekend sideshows that damaged a water main, a hydrant, a parked car and sent a vehicle into the delta waters. Sideshows have been nearly a weekly occurrence within the city.  There have also been 259 known vehicle thefts in the city of Antioch since May 28.

He said Sunday’s activity highlights they do not have enough officers to respond to incident and its causing major damage to the city–Antioch Police said Sunday one of the drivers arrested overnight had a no bail warrant out of Santa Clara County for sideshow activity.

Barbanica said Sunday he requested in writing that acting city manager Kwame Reed to reach to both CHP and the sheriff for different police needs and responsibilities to supplement Antioch Police until staffing levels are adequate–saying CHP for traffic control and sheriff to back-fill patrol. At this point, its to begin the process to see if its feasible.

He says now more than ever even after he made the public request, he wants and Antioch Police Department to present a detailed staffing level report by department from patrol to investigations so the council can see the impacts.

“For the past 4-5 months, I kept weekly tabs on staffing levels and have been assured staffing levels were adequate, but many within the inside of the police department have expressed concerns with staffing levels. I confirmed the staffing levels for patrol is 31 with a 7-beat system and the math is not adding up,” explained Barbanica. “As someone who did scheduling for the Pittsburg Police Department, I know what adequate staffing looks like and my concerns were realized and we need immediate outside help.”

He said the council as a whole will decide the direction but they had to begin working on a staffing plan utilizing outside agencies for immediate assistance until they can hire more officers.

Antioch Vehicle Crash

As for the weekend sideshows and the damages caused, he said it occurred just days after a major meeting with the city manager, city engineer, the Antioch Police Department, the owner of Smiths Landing, five members of the community and the  response to sideshows downtown due to the impact it was having on residents and businesses. Mayor Pro Tem Tamisha Torres-Walker also participated in the meeting.

“The marina parking lot has become an area where sideshows are occurring,” said Barbanica. “It’s effecting their business and people wanting to come patronize the restaurant.”

At the meeting, Barbanica says the group put together a focus plan to resolve the downtown sideshows which then the weekend sideshows occur. The plan includes an option of in the marina of bringing in some raised delineators but rubberized raised pieces within the marina. They are now looking at the cost and how quickly they can be installed. Police are also looking at increased enforcement.

He then highlighted he met with Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston on another issue, however, the Antioch Police Staffing level came up and he asked him if needed, would they help Antioch on a temporary basis to back-fill.

“The sheriff said he would be able to do that, but the city would first need to start the process to talk about what it would be look like and the cost,” said Barbanica. “I am also interested in the city reaching out to the California Highway Patrol to bring them into the community to back-fill traffic. We have no traffic department right now. We need enforcement of traffic laws.”

Barbanica pointed out no deal was made, only that it would be looked at to see if it made sense. He is now seeking support from the rest of the council in having the city manager reach out to the CHP and sheriff to assist in temporary staffing to see what it could look like and how it would look.

“This is not a knock on the men and woman in the Antioch Police Department, we just don’t have enough and our officers are getting beat up, worn down and we need to give our officers some assistance in the form of more law enforcement help,” said Barbanica. “Just do the math, we are down to 31-officers over three shifts, 7-days a week. Its ridiculous.”

Sheriff Livingston confirmed the conversation occurred and that he would be willing to discuss temporary assistance.

“Councilmember Barbanica raised his concerns about public safety and the current staffing challenges.  I told him I would of course be willing to discuss ways in which the Sheriff’s Office might temporarily assist if contacted by the Acting Chief of Police, the City Manager or the full council.  So far, no requests have been made, formally or informally,” said Livingston. “Only Councilmember Barbanica has discussed this with me.”

Barbanica said depending on how the CHP and Sheriffs Office respond to possibly working with Antioch, if it doesn’t work out, he would request the council consider a State of Emergency similar to what the City of Vallejo just did.

Editors Note:

On July 17,  Barbanica requested police department to give a public presentation on police staffing in all departments and how they are communicating information through PIO and the press. It was no more than 48-hours later, Chief Steve Ford announced retirement.  For months, Ford had stated staffing levels were adequate and they could handle the call volumes.

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WPR August 6, 2023 - 4:45 pm

FINALLY a voice of reason ! ! !
Citizens of Antioch show up at city council meetings in support and email and leave phone messages in support !

HallofTruth August 6, 2023 - 4:59 pm

Why does he care? He has clearly shown us he is a one and done politician as he quietly eyes his next political agenda for CCC BOS sup 5 seat. Like Monica, I have lost faith in Barbanica since the rumors of him running for Sup 5 have increased. The city council does not want anything to do with Antioch. I also wonder what the topic at hand was when he met with self-proclaim corner “Leftisington.

Brandon Lawson August 7, 2023 - 3:09 pm

Yeah Antioch is literally as they call it a bedroom community. People just come here to sleep. In other words, people work here either for a stepping stone or because no place else will hire them. Nobody wakes up and says “I want to work for Antioch.” They usually only do if they have to which explains why this city gets the worst quality of service. I mean look how many department heads and chiefs leave

Finally!!! August 6, 2023 - 5:11 pm

It’s about time. I’m glad to see that someone on the council is paying attention to what’s going on in this city. Meanwhile Thorpe says nothing and continues to post about frivolous trips and ribbon cuttings he attends as the city burns.

Street Sweeper August 6, 2023 - 6:23 pm

Hey hypocrite, why don’t you call on yourself first to assist Antioch police? You’re part of the problem, don’t try coming in and playing hero ball, when you know asking CHP and Sheriff is that simple. Grow a pair and do something for the good people of Antioch that are stuck in that garbage City.

Dont bother August 6, 2023 - 7:04 pm

Don’t waste your time. The mayor will just block the assistance.

2024 hurry August 6, 2023 - 7:07 pm

Thanks Mike- Lamar is useless and should be charged with dereliction of duty… Lamar move on nobody wants you.

WPR August 6, 2023 - 9:39 pm

Do not recall any other member of city council or mayor calling for assistance from California Highway Patrol or Contra Costa County Sheriffs. Do recall repeated calls to circumvent due process and fire Police officers.
Why didn’t woke majority declare a safety emergency many months ago?
Citizens of Antioch talk to your neighbors and bring up subject of not getting California Highway Patrol or Contra Costa County Sheriffs support to reduce crime.

Boonie August 6, 2023 - 10:00 pm

what ever it is political or practical reaction of Mr. Lamar at least he is making a sound. Not like LamarTorpe ups! Thorpe Torpe. He keeps so quiet. Of course he does not what to say or do he is brainless!

Michael Kitterman August 6, 2023 - 11:54 pm

Good looking out Barbanica. I don’t think the CHP is going to help much though. The freeway is a 24-hour sideshow and all the CHP officers spend their workdays at home taking naps.

Rob S August 7, 2023 - 2:26 am

Thorpe MIA?!?!?!!!!

Good Ole Crickets August 7, 2023 - 10:32 am

As always unless he’s in front of the camera bashing the police or marching to support the criminally inclined. Look at what that’s gotten us.

LoveableCurmudgeon August 7, 2023 - 4:47 am

It’s about time! Our devastated APD id inadequate, for the most part, to deal with this situation, even if fully staffed. But this is a state of emergency that must be dealt with. CHP, CoCo sheriff. Whatever needs to be done to protect the citizens of Antioch. Thank goodness someone in city government is sounding off

Robert C. August 7, 2023 - 7:07 am

Since Lamar loves to call council “special meetings,” he needs to call one now for the express purpose of DIRECTING the (acting) city manager to request law enforcement assistance. One council member ASKING for this action is not enough. Where’s the leadership here?

Gene August 7, 2023 - 9:43 am

So, a city council member that wants to run for higher office thinks the solution to a problem that his own city caused should be taken on by two other law enforcement agencies that are spread thin? In other words they are burning down their city & now want others to put out the fire. There is no leadership in this announcement. As a matter of fact, this is as empty & misleading as the mayors press conferences & announcements. Antioch voters: we need to get this circus under control.

Thank God for Barbanica August 7, 2023 - 1:19 pm

Antioch is very lucky to have Mike serving. This city is a disaster, and I certainly hope the voters have learned their lessons?
If for no other reason, your property values are dropping fast. Log onto Zillow and see for yourselves. All other cities are going up, while Antioch’s are going the opposite direction. People need to come out of their skin color coma, and vote for those who will improve the city, not destroy it.

SIMON SAYS August 8, 2023 - 4:01 pm

Why does every city expect the chp to do their work? I’m sure you never heard of the Chp asking local agencies to handle their calls or do their work even when the chp is already lacking officers just like every other agency across the USA. Chp or coco sheriff is not the band aid or the answer to city problems. Antioch created their own sh!t show. Now bail yourselves out of it.

FOOS August 12, 2023 - 4:12 pm

Bashing the one Council member that is trying to make a difference is ridiculous. And as far as him running for another office, good for him. A person can only take so much before they realize in order to make a difference it’s time to move on. How many Council meetings have the Council majority or our dictator of a mayor subverted moves that would benefit Antioch as a whole instead of their own special interests? Too many. Mike is a former police officer and the Council should be leaning on his knowledge and expertise of how a department is run and more importantly his concern for the safety of our community as well as the officers that protect us. His proposal should be a slam dunk and not another three to two vote that does nothing to support our men and women in BLUE.

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