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Bill Reduces Number of Laws California Lawmakers Can Introduce

by CC News
Assemblymember Kate Sanchez

California Assemblymember Kate Sanchez (R-Rancho Santa Margarita) has introduced a bill that would limit the number of bills lawmakers could introduce in a session.

Under the bill (HR-61), a member of the legislator would not be allowed to introduce more than 25 bills into the regular session. Currently, they are allowed 50 bills to be introduced over the two-year period.

“Too many bad bills are coming out of Sacramento. That’s why I introduced HR 61 to cut in half the number of bills state politicians can propose and stop Sacramento’s spending spree in its tracks,” said Sanchez.

In the 2023 session, between the 120 legislators, a total of 2,642 bills were introduced—in which nearly 40% were placeholder bills without any language and amended later or introduced as something else. In 2022, over 2,020 bills were introduced while In 2021 that number was 2,369. Over the past decade, Sacramento lawmakers have introduced between 1,900 to 2,500 bills.

Over the past two years, lawmakers on average have introduced 38 bills over the two-year period. Sanchez Bill seeks to cap them at 25 bills that could be introduced.


Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That Rule 49 of the Standing Rules of the Assembly for the 2023–24 Regular Session is amended to read:
Limitation on the Introduction of Bills
49.   (a)   A Member may introduce not more than 50 25 bills in the regular session. As used in this rule, “bill” includes a constitutional amendment, but does not include a concurrent or joint resolution.
(b) This rule may be suspended with respect to a particular bill by approval of the Committee on Rules.

Assemblymember Kate Sanchez released a short statement online as to why the bill was introduce — click here

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MEV January 22, 2024 - 4:24 pm

Wrong to weaken Prop 13 and raise property taxes on CA homeowners to build affordable housing when Bidenomics, PG&E, garbage service, ridiculously expensive sewer and water services and astronomical food and gas prices have made making ends meet to survive day-to-day life almost impossible. Screw you Gavin Newsom and friends. Leave Prop 13 alone even though you’ve already passed a bill to weaken the law that protects homeowners. No matter what you do, affordable housing will never be affordable in CA because it is too expensive to build it in the first place. Go talk to the builder you stupid politicians.

MODERATE January 23, 2024 - 5:42 am

Prop 13 has nothing to do with this article. However, it does not protect all homeowners. It favors long-time homeowners over newer ones.

Street Sweeper January 22, 2024 - 6:16 pm

How ironic is this! 🤣

3henry21 January 23, 2024 - 8:40 pm

A bill introduced by a Republican… in California, we know the odds of it actually making it past the Dem super majority that’s been entrenched here for decades. Sad really.

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