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Contra Costa Resilient Shoreline Plan Gets $1.5 Million

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Martinez, CA – Contra Costa County received $1,499,285 in funding from the California Ocean Protection Council’s Senate Bill 1 Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning Grant Program, which aims to provide funding for coastal communities to develop consistent sea level rise adaptation plans and projects to build resilience along the entire coast of California and the San Francisco Bay.

The Contra Costa Resilient Shoreline Plan will create a comprehensive, community-driven roadmap to address sea level rise across the entire 90-miles of the county’s shoreline with a focus on impacted communities. It will serve a coordinating and organizational role for local plans in alignment with Bay Conservation and Development Commission guidelines and explore natural and constructed infrastructure improvements. The development of the Plan will involve a participatory community engagement campaign and visioning process and a strategic update to the County’s existing vulnerability assessments, culminating in the Plan, which will include adaptation pathways, implementation actions, partnership needs, financing strategies, and metrics.

“By preparing the Contra Costa Resilient Shoreline Plan now, the County is taking the initiative to become safer and more resilient to flooding and sea level rise, because we know it costs more to do nothing, as shown in the MTC/ABAG/BCDC study. The funding from the State’s Ocean Protection Council will help our County build on regional progress and continue to be a leader as the Bay Area works to adapt to sea level rise,” said District 1 Supervisor John Gioia, Chair of the Resilient Shoreline Committee.

“This grant funding will provide an essential foundation to create consistent sea level rise planning across the county, from the San Francisco Bay to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, inclusive of cities, special districts, community and environmental based organizations, and the public, to protect our shoreline communities in the face of extreme weather. We know that it will take a coalition of partners and more to respond effectively, and that is our plan,” said District 3 Supervisor Diane Burgis, Vice Chair of the Resilient Shoreline Committee.

The County’s grant award is one of seven across California, totaling $5,614,785 approved by the Ocean Protection Council on June 4, 2024.

June 19, 2023 – Contra Costa Resilient Shoreline Committee on Sea Level Rise Created

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