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Law Enforcement Gives Support to Sonia Ledo

Press Release

by CC News
Sonia Ledo

Sonia Ledo proudly announced today she is the only State Assembly candidate in District 15 that is endorsed by four local police associations and the Deputy District Attorneys Association in Contra Costa County.

Sonia Ledo secured endorsements from Walnut Creek Police Association, Concord Police Association, Martinez Police Officers Association, and BART Police Officers’ Association. The Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorneys Association also endorsed Sonia Ledo for her commitment to address low-level crime and keep dangerous criminals off the streets.

The Martinez Police Officers Association Board President Sean Angoco said the following in a recent statement on behalf of the association:

“As representatives of the Martinez Police Officers Association, we wholeheartedly endorse Sonia Ledo for the California State Assembly seat in District 15. Sonia Ledo’s unwavering support for law enforcement is unparalleled. Sonia’s commitment to addressing urgent issues such as public safety is deeply rooted in her understanding of the critical role law enforcement plays in safeguarding our communities.

We believe Sonia Ledo’s unwavering support for law enforcement, coupled with her fairness, transparency, and strong work ethic, make her the ideal candidate to represent us in the State Assembly. We urge you to join us in supporting Sonia Ledo on November 5th for a safer and brighter future for California.”

Shane Reiss, President of BART Police Officers’ Association said, “BART POA endorses Sonia Ledo because she’s the only candidate in this race that opposes Prop 47 and she believes in enforcing laws and keeping dangerous criminals off the streets.”

Concord Police Association Board President Paul Van Diver referred to Ledo as “a true champion for public safety and community well-being”. He believes Ledo is “an obvious and compelling choice for endorsement because her consistent dedication to upholding important values only solidifies her as an exceptional candidate.”

“I am honored to have earned the endorsements of so many local law enforcement organizations within Assembly District 15”, Ledo said. “It says they believe in me to go to work on day one in Sacramento and address the failed policies of the last decade. Such failed state policies have made us less safe in our communities while shopping, enjoying public spaces, and even in our own homes. We need new direction in Sacramento and that’s what I will bring”, Ledo said.

Sonia’s plan for improving public safety is a comprehensive 4-part approach that includes a focus on police, prosecutors, judges, and rehabilitation.

Sonia will work for:

  • Better recruitment, training and technology programs for our police departments,
  • Tougher mandates for prosecution of criminals by our district attorneys,
  • Stricter sentencing guidelines for our judges, and

Mandated rehabilitation and transition services for first time offenders and those who have served their time.

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