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Teen Author Recognized for Book Helping Teens with Mental and Emotional Well-Being

by CC News

Eme Williams, a student at Athenian High School in Danville, has written The Art of Mindfulness, which is a book highlighting practices to help support teenagers’ mental and emotional well-being, and navigate their emotions through creative art therapy.

On May 14 Eme presented her book to the Board of Supervisors as part of their recognition of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. The official launch of the book took place a few days later, at the Devil Mountain Run in Danville.

Eme wrote this book as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

If you are interested, her book is available for purchase by clicking here The Art of Mindfulness.

Information provided by Supervisor Candace Andersen

About the Book:

Navigating teenage stress and anxiety can be daunting. ‘The Art of Mindfulness’ by Eme L. Williams, developed in collaboration with mental health professionals at the Discovery Counseling Center, offers an artistic approach to mindfulness through art therapy. This guide is filled with engaging exercises that encourage self-expression and emotional exploration, offering a practical path to peace and resilience. Beyond mere activities, it provides a roadmap to understanding emotions, cultivating self-awareness, and harnessing the healing power of art. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to support a teen’s journey toward emotional well-being and a must-read for teens seeking comfort and empowerment through their creative journey.

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