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Contra Costa County Fire Welcomes New Fire Truck to Antioch Station

by CC News
Fire Truck

On Thursday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District welcomed a brand new fire truck to its fleet during a “push in” ceremony at Fire Station 81 in the City of Antioch.

This was the second Truck welcomed to East Contra Costa County as Station 92 welcomed its Truck on Tuesday giving two additional assets to the county fire system.

It was stated earlier this week these Trucks cost $2 million each and could take up to 4-years to receive upon ordering.

On Thursday, Antioch City Councilmember Mike Barbanica called this a great thing for Antioch and that Station 81 had a special connection to him as his mom used to dispatch out of the Station.

Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock stated she was honored to attend the push in ceremony and is blessed to have this new truck within the community to keep both firefighters, residents and property safer. She also appreciated County Supervisors and Measure X dollars because this would not be possible.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe, Mayor Pro Tem Monica Wilson, and Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker (who represents the District Station 81 is in) did not attend.

At the Brentwood ceremony, Contra Costa County Supervisor Diane Burgis shared it was just a few years ago where East Contra Costa County only had 9 firefighters on duty protecting 250-square miles and 120,000 people.

“There was many years where people were talking about different solutions, hunkering down and trying to solve it. We got people that rise to the top who made selfless decisions to help make this happen,” stated Burgis. “Our former Chief of East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (Brian Helmick) gave everything… the thing is that this piece of equipment is going to keep firefighters safer and do their job more efficient and be able to protect this whole area and mutual support to other areas. I am really excited.”

Also at the Brentwood ceremony, Chief Lewis Broschard called this a lengthy process which started in September 2021 and its now summer of 2024—these run $2.2 million and represents a significant investment in the community.

“These now take 4-years to get, years ago it was 12-months, now its 4-years. So it causes a lot of planning on our side, but we are so thankful that we made the decision with East Contra Costa Fire where we encouraged them to purchase this,” said Broschard. “It was going to work out one way or the other and we are so thankful its worked out the way it has.”

Broschard called this a massive project to purchase this piece of equipment.

“Very thankful that it is here and Station 92 has great apparatus and a facility to support our men and women,” said Broschard.

Video Below from Brentwood Push in Ceremony:

2023 Calls For Service:

Throughout the total contracted service area, ambulances transported 83,161 patients in calendar year CY2023, representing a 2.0% increase in transports compared to CY2022

2023 Incidents:

  • Total Fires – 5,125
  • Total EMS Responses – 70,922
  • Total Ambulance Calls – 31,786
  • Total Vehicle accidents w/rescue – 4,350
  • Total number of emergency responses – 126,387


  • April 2024 – Contra Costa County Set to Look at $5.97 Billion 2024-25 Budget
  • Nov 2023 – Contra Costa County to Receive Update on Measure X Spending
    • Balance includes all of remaining FY 23-24 ongoing allocation for FS 81 staffing ($2,688,000), the full ongoing allocation for FS 94 ($3,675,000) to support fire station construction, the actual unspent balance related to the FY 22-23 staffing and operational costs for FS 81 ($1,669,707). The remainder is designated to construct FS 90 & FS 94 and accounted for in the District’s capital construction fund. FS 81 was staffed in FY22-23; all MX funded apparatus are on order; planning/design for FS 90 & 94 continue with construction contractor bids expected to go out shortly after the new year and construction to commence in the summer of 2024
    • Wildfire Mitigation Programs – Crew 12 had 254 fire responses, 49 fuel mitigation projects, 10 evacuation route maintenance plus 11 community chipping days
    • Two fire stations are in the planning/design phase Anticipated to begin construction in mid-2024 Cost of construction exceeds 2021 estimates and funding allocations. Fire apparatus have been purchased for Antioch and Brentwood Balances are not available to be reassigned
    • See full report

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