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Hey, its true. The news business is tough and rely on advertisers or community support.

While Contra Costa News does not charge for our service, our stories, our event calendar or other forms of content we may put out, we do offer two ways to support this site.

  1. Donation (PayPal–click here) — donations could be one-time or monthly. You make the choice.
  2. ECT Club Member (a private Facebook group) — here you will get local alerts in real time and tidbits that may typically never make a news story or published on our main page regarding East Contra Costa County.

Note – sorry, PayPal is making me keep the the eastcountytoday.net name. 

Become a Facebook Supporter

This is pretty straight forward… login to Facebook and go to our page… hit the blue button and for $2.99 per month, you get access to our breaking news posts which ONLY go out to our Supporters (fires, car crashes, other informational posts). You will also get access to the private group associated when you become a supporter — again, this is specific to East Contra Costa County which includes:

  • Antioch
  • Brentwood
  • Discovery Bay
  • Oakley
  • Pittsburg
  • Unincorporated (Bay Point, Bethel Island, Byron & Knightsen)


Donate Today Using PalPal

How Much Should I Donate?
That is entirely up to you. Whether its $1 per month ($12 per year), $25 annually, or more, ECT is forever grateful for any donation while believing in this product.

By donating, you will help EastCountyToday continue to stay online and grow. We hope to continue to be your number one news source for providing local news in East Contra Costa County.

Keeping News Local

Local newspapers and websites are withering away each year.  In small towns and communities across the United States, a local paper seems like it is becoming a thing of the past, but our goal is to keep the community informed on what is happening in our local government, schools, and community.

Every donation counts and again, thank you for your support.