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Sprouts Breaks Ground in Pittsburg

by CC News

On Thursday, Sprouts held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Pittsburg location which hopes to open by late 2024.

Located at 2311 W Leland Road in the City of Pittsburg, Sprouts was joined by several local elected officials from Contra Costa County, the City of Pittsburg, the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce and Sierra Pacific Properties.

Wolfgang Croskey, Chamber CEO, had advocated for a grocery store with members of the community since mid-2019.

“A few years ago Pittsburg was designated a food desert and its been a long process to get a grocery store to our town,” explained Wolfgang Croskey. “Sierra Pacific went above and beyond. We had events at other locations to attract other grocery stores, we brought in a band and cheerleaders. We have done everything with the city to recruit grocery stores from Southern California trying to reach everyone. Sprouts is the one who chose Pittsburg.”

Croskey said this was an example of what can happen when the community, the chamber, elected officials, property managers and a city come together for a common goal, they could achieve anything.

Kate Carmody, of Sprouts, called it an honor to be in Pittsburg.

“I’ve been a part of many grand openings across the coast and this is the absolute most excitement we have had from a community so hats off to all of you. We are so excited to be here,” said Carmody who noted Sprouts just opened their 400th location. “We are absolutely to get in here and open up our doors.”


Pittsburg Mayor Shanelle Scales-Preston thanked city staff for their efforts.

“With their efforts, creative thinking and willingness to prioritize bringing this to our community, it was so greatly desired,” said Scales-Preston. “We heard from the residents and they told us loud and clear for several years we need a grocery store and amenities here.”

She further cited other projects from Courtyard at Marriott, new parks and trails, the Dream Courts, Pittsburg has development all around.

“Its really a big transformation, this development behind me, it’s a great example of how residents, the city and how the development community can come together to make all these good things happen. This community told us loud and clear what we needed and we heard you and didn’t hesitate to see your vision through,” stated Scales-Preston.


Supervisor Federal Glover and Wolfgang Croskey

Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover called it an exciting day and thanked all the stakeholders involved.

“The community has spoken at large over the years, and I think this council and former councils have heard your call. We are here today for that great work,” said Glover. “Sierra Pacific brought together this developer to make this project a reality is a big thing. It’s a big thing because we know the need so members of the community can shop locally and make sure the economic growth continues within the City of Pittsburg.”

It is estimated that construction for the 23,204-square-foot anchor tenant building  will take 18-months for Sprouts to open—late 2024. It will sit on a 3.69-acre development which will include a fast food drive-thru restaurant, a restaurant and several retail businesses within the San Marco Commercial Center.

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WPR August 3, 2023 - 5:19 pm

Notice NOT in Antioch

Eastbay Native August 6, 2023 - 8:30 am

Antioch should never be mentioned regarding new businesses until the current decaying city council and feckless mayor are jettisoned.

MsKris August 3, 2023 - 5:56 pm

Yay!!! Can’t wait. Too bad Antioch can’t attract new businesses.

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