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Contra Costa County Good News Friday

by CC News
Good News

A little different post as I asked Facebook for some good news after a wave of crime related posts in an effort to share positivity. I think this will become a weekly thing for Friday’s if submissions role in.

Here is the rundown that was submitted, I will work on a  more formal post format in the future.

Fishing Derby

Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard:  City of Oakley recreation is having a kids fishing derby at the Antioch/Oakley fishing pier from 9-11 Saturday morning. Should be some fins and children’s grins. A big cat poker run is also going that day on the river and there may be some sightings of fast boats from the pier. — More Info

Bakery & Bites:  Well the Good News is there is a great NOT so Hidden Gem in Antioch.  BAKERY AND BITES. We serve delicious cupcakes, sweet treats, beverages, and a variety of delicious items and the BEST SOUL FOOD ON SUNDAYS. Come in and Mention this post and say GOOD NEWS for a 20% discount or free frozen lemonade with a cupcake purchase.

1358 Sunset Dr (Hillcrest exit)
925-528-CAKE (2253)

Hook Line & Sinker Deals & Fishing Tournament : Just in time for Dove and Duck Season, the store is offering a 10% off Managers Special on all shotgun shells between August 8-31.   They also announced its upcoming Tournament Series which includes the following dates:

  • Sept. 24
  • Oct. 24
  • Nov. 12
  • Dec. 10
  • Jan 14, 2024
  • Feb 11, 2024
  • March 9 & 10, 2024

For more information, https://www.hookproshop.com/ or visit them at 3100 Main St, in Oakley.

Wanna Waffle

Wanna Waffle Hosts 2 Year Anniversary: In an effort to celebrate its 2nd year Anniversary, they are upon Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm where the first 15 customers get to make their very own waffle inspired terrarium. Located at 104 Oak Street in Brentwood

Ali Popovich: My fitness clients knew I had a very busy week. Before we started out workout last night, they took my trash cans out for me. Made my day!  Our fitness community is the most supportive group and I’m so lucky to be a part of it!!

Justine Roles: Our group, Helping Hands of the East Bay has been growing in the ways of helping people in need. We recently had an online event where members sponsored other members for school supplies, we help with food, resources and give support to one another.

Stacey Self: When you said good news I remembered my senior year of HS at AHS in 1997, many many years ago, my girl scout troop did their Gold Award project.(same as the Eagle Scout)  We did a 4 issue newsletter about good things happening in Antioch and called it “The Good News of Antioch”.  Each girl had a part of the paper. Advertising, finding stories, writing the stories, printing and delivering to businesses around Antioch for people to read.   It made me go through my old stuff and I found all the issues!  It was fun going through them. Thanks for the memory! Note — all full size images are on our facebook page.

Lynda Green: I would like to spread some good news about a business called Be Exceptional programs that is helping kids and adults with special needs participate in recreational and sports programs. Our programs provide local teens and young adults with job skills as well.  They also just opened a social and sensory center in downtown Antioch. Not many know what we do and this is a wonderful service for the students and parents because it is considered a form of recreational therapy and can be covered by the Regional center so parents do not have to pay.

Check our Facebook or website beexceptionalprograms.com And feel free to come visit us !

Amanda Moon Ellevis: Through my book signing in Antioch last year, along with several guest spots at community fundraisers, We have raised enough money to give away over 100 books! We have already granted 51 survivors to have this book for free.  Thanks to the Contra Costa County community, many survivors will have the know-how and courage to grow from victims to survivors and live independently and fully, free from exploitation. – more info: https://rebuild-and-thrive.com/

Pine Street Country Club: They are now offering golf lessons—1 hour at a time. They have three packs available along with a 10-pack. You can visit them at www.pinestreetcountryclub.com

Stephanie Murphy: have just launched my website for ‘Soul Care with Stephanie’. Soul Care with Stephanie was started to help others connect with God, connect with themselves, and connect with others.  Currently, I can offer spiritual direction for individuals and groups, Enneagram coaching and workshops, corporate and secular team building, and I will be working towards offering contemplative retreats in Contra Costa County and throughout California.

The website is:  www.soulcarewithstephanie.com

Erin Green : The Hen and Drake Modern Tearoom Wins Big with $10k Prize from Coors Brewing Company. The Hen and Drake Modern Tearoom, a startup offering an Afternoon Tea experience in East Contra Costa County, has recently been awarded a $10,000 prize from Coors Brewing Company in their “Kickstart your Legacy” campaign. To celebrate 150 years in business, Coors awarded $10,000 prizes to small businesses in a national contest.  Founder Erin Green was ecstatic when she heard the news: “I still have to pinch myself. I can’t believe we won. This is life-changing.” 

After offering mobile parties for friends and family, The Hen and Drake Modern Tearoom is currently looking for the perfect space for a brick-and-mortar location. With the winnings of this contest, they will be able to further expand their operations and fund marketing their pop-up tearoom. 

Erin Green hopes that this award will help them continue to provide quality services to their customers: “We are so grateful for this opportunity provided by Coors Brewing Company, and it will really help us take our business to the next level.” 

The Hen and Drake Modern Tearoom’s mission is to bring people together over good food, exotic teas and conversation while creating lasting memories with friends and family alike. With this generous award from Coors Brewing Company, they are one step closer to achieving that goal!  You can learn more about The Hen and Drake Modern Tearoom at www.henanddraketea.com or by following them on instagram @henanddraketea 

Nicole O: Good news is, Sylvia’s Country Kitchen in Antioch finally got an Air Conditioner in the restaurant after years without. Now we can enjoy our biscuits and gravy during the summer without overheating!!

Nancy Phillips:  The family own restaurant, Sabrina’s Pizzeria, in Oakley is now open after water main break.

Mariah Price: Super cool FRIENDS warmer! Get your home smelling good and safely with our warmers and relive those memories with FRIENDS!  Majority of my website is ON SALE.  Freshen your home, office, vehicle etc with our safe wax and warmers. No soot or smoke or danger of an open flame. Enjoy our cleaning and products too! For more info: click here

Antioch Chichibu:  The Antioch Chichibu Sister City Organization recently sent a delegation of 9 students and 5 adults to our Sister City of Chichibu, Japan. This Organization was formed by former Mayor Verne Roberts in 1967 and has been sending and hosting students since 1971! Due to covid there was a bit of a hiatus in the exchange program but we are so excited to be up and running again! We are already beginning to plan for our guests who will visit in Aug 2024!

We would love to welcome anyone interested in joining us to our next meeting Saturday, August 12th at 10am at the Antioch Library on 18th St.

Debbie Cullen: We appreciate you!  I love the idea of “ Good News” The good news today is it’s 85 degrees in Antioch and not 104! A great day to catch up on  gardening.  Happy, healthy and thankful!

Alexandria Juarez: My niece was accepted to Michigan Law School and is leaving next week to start her new journey to become a lawyer!  She graduated from UCLA.  My son will be entering his second year as an apprentice in our local 302 Electrician’s Union next month.

Ashley Angeles- Ortega: I recently found out I am pregnant with my second child! I have a three year old daughter and I’m excited to give her a sibling! My husband is my daughter’s world so I am hoping for a baby boy so I can get some love too! I grew up as an only child so I’m new to “sharing myself” with the babies. Another good news is that I turned 5 years at my job. I work for Child Protective Services in San Joaquin County and wow it has been tough, tough , tough. I’m proud of myself for sticking with my profession and serving the community. Have a great Thursday!

Bryan Crossley: This happened to me a couple weeks at Winco in Brentwood, and I’m writing this because I’m still so grateful!

My son started working with a personal trainer, funds are tight because I’m not working, I plan on going back soon when it picks up, but my son really needed to some food to prep so he can get his diet going for baseball, he’s about to be 14. I dropped what I was doing and we went to the store, I was kinda letting him pick out things because my mind was thinking about other stuff. We bought our food and somewhere between leaving and getting to the car, I dropped my wallet, had no idea. Got back to the house and I told my son I need a couple hours of no interruptions, I was working on a motorcycle w/parts everywhere, he agreed. By this time it was night, I finished up everything and put my tools away before I needed to run some errands. I started rounding up my keys and my sunglasses but could not locate my wallet.  I started to get this sick feeling, I panicked. I looked all over the house, the garage, my car, everywhere. Hours had passed at this point. I had everything in my wallet, credit cards, calfire license, money, my sons insurance cards. I felt this wave of depression start to come over me. I started to get sad. I felt so defeated.

My wife suggested I go to Winco and look. We scoured the entire parking lot. Every inch! We went inside I even check every single filed carts in the entrance but to no avail. I went and got a manger and told her my situation, left my number thinking to myself, nobody is going to call me. I went home defeated again! I went to bed thinking of man, I have to start all over again recovering every card. The next day, was tough….. it was a Saturday, I spent that day trying to stay positive, to keep my mind off of it the best I could. Later in the evening I walked up to my wife and gave her a big hug, finally having acceptance over this….. she comforted me, with, “everything will be ok”. I walked over to the dining table and sat down, the my cell rang.

It was a clerk from Winco, she started asking me if I lost my wallet, I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing!! She asked me to describe it, and told me I needed to come down there. I shot down there, it was after customer service closed so I waited, a woman walked up with my wallet and I could not even believe nobody had opened it!!!! All of a sudden, I’m fighting back tears telling her just how freaking grateful I was to her, and her entire staff!! She wouldn’t accept any reward. I asked her if she could tell me who the heck turned it in, and she told me it was a random person, just walked in and turned it in!

I’m so grate STILL to the staff there, the guy with the beard that works in the self check out is a great person, I even told him thank you!! Still to this day I’m so grateful, I often wonder who it was, the amount of character that shows is just unreal! I went back a week later during the day to find a higher up manager, they need to know they have AWESOME employees that work at Winco, and even awesome customers. Thank you for letting me share this! We need more good news!

Megan Fordahl: My daughter Pvt. Elsie Fordahl graduated the USMC on July 28th, 2023. She is graduated Heritage High School in 2022 and is currently at Camp Pendleton going through MCT training and will continue to her MOS in North Carolina immediately after MCT.

Patrick Henson: The Boy Scouts of Troop 48 in Pittsburg will be spending the weekend camping at Lake Solano Park in Winters.  Their intention is to work on advancement and to enjoy the meteor shower while earning their astronomy merit badge.  They will also be kayaking and canoeing.

Photo credit Mark Stas

Lori Castillo:  Local residents take photos of sunrise and sunset on Bethel Island. Photo credit to Mark Stas

Antioch Rivertown:  Hot August Cruise Night Saturday Aug 19th!
This Annual Event is Super Fun! Cruise Downtown Antioch 5pm – 9pm All our downtown restaurants and stores will be open so come grab a bite to eat and enjoy the show. A lot of beautiful classic cars, great music and food! Come join the fun!

This is a Celebrate Antioch Foundation & Rivertown Merchants Event, for more info visit www.celebrateantioch.org

Hot August Cruise Night 
August 19th 2023 5pm – 9pm

Show El Campanil Theatre  “Rebel Without a Cause”
August 19th 2023 2pm

Join us August 19th 2023 for Two Great Events in One! El Campanil Theatre is Showing The Classic Film: “Rebel Without a Cause” Restored in 4K at 2pm

Afterwards there will be an Old School Cruise in Antioch’s Historic Downtown 5pm – 9pm!

Many Stores and Restaurants will be open during his event so feel free to browse our Downtown! Please keep this evening fun & safe, no speeding and obey all traffic laws. Suggested cruise route, from W 2nd Street, Left on L Street then left on 4th Street, then left on G Street back to W 2nd Street.

Show Tickets Available at El Campanil Website

If you have “Good News” and you want to share it for next Friday, please email [email protected]

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