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Contra Costa County to Receive Update on Measure X Spending

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CONFIRE Fire Stations

On Tuesday, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors are set to receive a report on Measure X project updates.

The update will provide an overview of the budget allocations along with status reports as Measure X is a 20-year, half-cent sales tax which was approved by voters in the 2020 election and began in April 2021.

Some tidbits from the documentation:

County Administrators Office:

  • The Equity Committee of the Board of Supervisors initiated the establishment of a Steering Committee for the African American Holistic Wellness Hub Feasibility Study and will make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding appointees at their Oct. 17, 2023 meeting. ($80,000)
  • Arts and Culture Programs ($512,500)
  • Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice ($1,860,000) – After an extensive recruitment process, with more than 100 applicants, the panel recommended the appointment of Kendra Carr for the Co-Director, Race Equity and Inter-Agency Engagement and Peter Kim for the Co-Director, Race Equity and Community Empowerment position. The Board of Supervisors made these appointments on Oct. 3, 2023.
  • San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Behavioral Health Crisis Response ($740,200)

Contra Costa Health

  • A3 Community Crisis Initiative – $5 million in one time funding + 21 million in ongoing. Expect 4,500 calls in 2023 with 25-35 mobile visits per week
  • Martinez Campus Expansion (hospital, public health & behavioral health) — $80 million in one time funding with a public health lab, parking expansion, interventional radiology suite, psychiatric emergency services, medical office building
  • Note — see full report


Crew 12

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

  • Balance includes all of remaining FY 23-24 ongoing allocation for FS 81 staffing ($2,688,000), the full ongoing allocation for FS 94 ($3,675,000) to support fire station construction, the actual unspent balance related to the FY 22-23 staffing and operational costs for FS 81 ($1,669,707). The remainder is designated to construct FS 90 & FS 94 and accounted for in the District’s capital construction fund. FS 81 was staffed in FY22-23; all MX funded apparatus are on order; planning/design for FS 90 & 94 continue with construction contractor bids expected to go out shortly after the new year and construction to commence in the summer of 2024
  • Wildfire Mitigation Programs – Crew 12 had 254 fire responses, 49 fuel mitigation projects, 10 evacuation route maintenance plus 11 community chipping days
  • Two fire stations are in the planning/design phase Anticipated to begin construction in mid-2024 Cost of construction exceeds 2021 estimates and funding allocations. Fire apparatus have been purchased for Antioch and Brentwood Balances are not available to be reassigned
  • See full report

Illegal Dumping

Conservation & Development

  • Distributed $3.5 million for homelessness prevention, legal services, rental assistance & crisis response solutions
  • Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan (ATS): The first ATSP Program was successfully implemented, the East County Means-Based Fare (MBF) program which provides transportation subsidies to low-income users. The program was a collaborative effort of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), Tri Delta Transit, the Contra Costa Crisis Center, and County assistance (staff support and Measure X funds). With the success of the initial pilot the program has been extended with staff focusing on increasing participation, cost-effectiveness, and deployment to the rest of the County
  • Illegal Dumping: The Illegal Dumping Initiative’s 56 strategies, including the four priority tasks funded by Measure X (capital improvements, derelict boat/RV removal, surveillance, and legal action), are progressing. The Board’s Ad Hoc Committee received an update on September 21, 2023.
    • Capital Improvements: Total of 52 deterrent signs have been installed in unincorporated areas throughout the county. Staff is exploring options, such as streetlighting in areas with a history of illegal dumping.
    • Surveillance Cameras: A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is being drafted to establish a second (replacement) service contract to deploy surveillance cameras in hot spots. They should be operational within the next year, pending successful vendor negotiations. Derelict Boat/RV Abatement: Staff plans to expand to this strategy to encompass graffiti abatement. Staff is also collaborating with the Marine Patrol to remove abandoned derelict boats from the water.
    • Investigating and Enforcement: Staff is working on addressing challenges in hiring per diem deputies and plans to expand by allowing the use of overtime deputies alongside per diem deputies.
    • Relying on Measure X funds as match, the County was able to secure a $695,000 grant rom the Clean California program that is enabling the County to expand its programs

Employment and Human Services

  • Executed agreement with First 5 Contra Costa, for $810,000, for services through April 2025, inclusion blue print report complete and implementation underway. Direct assistance to providers will consist of professional development sessions, incentive to maximize support for children with disabilities, on-site consultations, and development of an Inclusion Toolkit
  • Completed two youth summits east and central County. Community engagements sessions ongoing in districts, 3, 4 & 5, both in-person and virtual.
  • EHSD is finalizing contract execution with CoCo Kids, Inc. estimated November 2023
  • Family Navigators: Four Navigators hired. Two placed at Schools (De Jean middle school in Richmond and Oak Grove middle school in Concord), two are in training and will be deployed by November. Interviews pending for the fifth Navigator
  • Collaborative Consulting continues as our Project Manager for developing the local Master Plan on Aging. They continue to gather community input and engage stakeholders to hear perspectives and ideas. They have begun work identifying measures to adopt and are conducting assessments of community organizations, capacities and capabilities. They are on track to begin development of the local playbook and will begin drafting for testing with key stakeholders in December 2023 will finalize for BOS approval in April 2024
  • Refugee Resettlement Resources: Contract with Jewish Family Services extended through June 2024


  • $200k in ongoing funding for early literacy outreach, including its new mobile “rolling reader” van.
  • The library will report its been working through deferred maintenance funding including a funding match requirement out of the City of Antioch and City of Pinole.
  • Antioch, Kensington, Pinole, Ygnacio Valley have all received upgrades in maintenance.

Measure X


  • Probation awarded Rane Community Development, Inc. a contract in March/April 2023 in the amount of $467,000 for a period of 2 years to project manage and conduct a Needs Assessment for the launch of the Restorative Justice Initiative.
  • In July – Sept. 2023, RaneCD, and its research partner (subcontractor) Bright Research Group, have hosted start-up planning meetings with Probation leadership; presented project updates to the Racial Justice Oversight Body and the Community Advisory Board for AB 109 Public Realignment, including attending 9 community meetings which resulted in a landscape analysis; conducted 12 key informant interviews with county education, law enforcement, and justice partner leadership, WCCUSD and Antioch USD district administration, and CBO executive leadership; and finally prepared a literature review of best practices.
  • On Sept. 26, 2023, Probation hosted a Restorative Justice Stakeholder Workshop to learn from stakeholders’ experiences with restorative justice practices and programming throughout the county and identify opportunities and challenges with further embedding these practices within local systems and in the community. Approximately 45 attendees were present to engage in an interactive work planning session held at the RYSE Community Center. Immediately following, Probation released a community survey (translated in English and Spanish) to gather feedback and input from county residents.

Public Defender

  • Stand Together Contra Costa is funded through a combination of General Fund, AB109, and Measure X funding. Although only one of the five new Measure X funded positions has been filled to date, existing staff continue to provide critical immigration due process legal services and community engagement while we work closely with HR to finalize the recruitments for the remainder of the new Measure X funded positions.

Public Works

  • Climate Sustainability-Sustainability Trust:  Over 140 ports (EV plugs) are planned across 15 county-owned sites for design and construction in FY 22/23 and 23/24. A total of 59 ports are under construction as of Q1, FY23/24. Another 33 ports have been submitted for permitting. A remaining 45+ ports are in the design phase. An estimated 66 ports will be completed by December 2023, with another 26 ports completed by January 2024. Staff are planning a minimum of 1100kW DC Fast Chargers at the Waterbird Fueling Station and investigating the feasibility of 2 fast chargers
  • County Facilities Deferred Maintenance: Electrical panel inspections and maintenance were performed at EHSD facilities located at 4545 Delta Fair and 151 Linus Pauling Drive. No additional electrical panel deferred maintenance necessary at this time. Design in progress for emergency generator installation at 30 Douglas Drive, DoIT ($750k project estimate). PW is working with DOIT to determine an appropriate location for the new generator. Design is 80% complete and pending identifying final installation location. Load studies are in progress at 50 Douglas Drive, EHSD, to determine the appropriate size for a new emergency generator ($750k project estimate). Data collection as part of the study has been extended due to the existing solar array installed at this location to ensure accurate usage data over peak months. Data collection to resume until January 2024. The proper generator equipment sizing will be based on that analysis. A feasibility study was conducted for replacing the entire HVAC system at 4549 Delta Fair, EHSD ($3.2 million project estimate). Equipment lead times and increased material costs identified by the study have re-directed Public Works to consider component upgrades vs. the entire system replacement.


  • Spent $2.561 million on body-worn cameras and fleet cameras in all unincorporated patrol units (10-year contract)
  • 1,100 criminal cases have been compiled with video evidence using evidence.com
  • All BWC cameras were issued to staff with end-user training during the Advanced Officer Training cycle. Managers were issued BWCs during the Manager Training Day. BWC cameras will be issued to new sworn employees as they are hired. 170 fleet cameras were installed. The total actual expenditures to date include the Axon contract, purchase of equipment to support the network requirements, and the salary and benefits costs for two Sheriff’s Specialists and one Director

Staff Reports

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Tuesday, Nov 28
9:00 am
1025 Escobar Street, Martinez
Agenda, click here

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