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Sanchez Introduces Bill to End Sanctuary State Protections for Felony Fentanyl Dealers

Press Release

by CC News

Sacramento, CA – Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez (R-Rancho Santa Margarita) introduced AB 2209, a bill that would significantly revise California’s sanctuary state law to expedite the deportations of undocumented individuals convicted of felony fentanyl charges.

“Californians have been hit hard by the fentanyl crisis.” said Sanchez. “International cartels and drug dealers have capitalized on California’s soft on crime and sanctuary state laws to profit off the poisoning of our family, friends, and community members. Sacramento must not prioritize the livelihoods of drug dealing cartels over the lives of Californians.”

Since it was passed in 2017, California’s sanctuary state policy has hindered the ability of law enforcement officers to enforce state and federal laws against undocumented immigrants who deal drugs. While some felonies are already exempted from the state’s sanctuary state policy, there is no complete exemption for felony fentanyl possession, importation or sale. This oversight prevents law enforcement from fully and quickly intervening to get dangerous felons off the streets and out of our communities.

A recent report from the San Francisco Chronicle found that much of the fentanyl dealing in San Francisco is done by undocumented immigrants from various cartels. California’s lenient drug enforcement policies are a major draw for these dealers to do business here in this state. The problem has exploded recently throughout California, so much so that even a recent survey of San Francisco voters found that 70% of them support or strongly support denying sanctuary protection for undocumented fentanyl dealers.

“International cartels are exploiting our border crisis and dumping fentanyl into our communities with the aid of undocumented drug dealers,” Sanchez added. “Many California voters now recognize that sanctuary state protections for felon drug dealers are a bad idea. It is time for Sacramento to revisit our statewide policy to expedite the removal of undocumented felon drug dealers from our communities.”

Kate Sanchez was elected to the California State Assembly and serves the 71st California Assembly District. Kate is a proud Mom, and businesswoman and has been a proven advocate for parental rights, and public safety and continues to fight against California tax increases. In the State Assembly, she represents the cities of Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, and unincorporated areas of French Valley, Temecula Wine Country, and Orange County.


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