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Hot Mic: Antioch Mayor Calls Resident “Fool” and a “Clown”

by CC News

On Monday, Antioch Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe made several comments that were picked up on a live stream during the Antioch Police Oversight Commission Meeting.

The comments occurred as the newly seated commission were determining who would be chair and vice chair of the commission at the March 18 meeting—ultimately selecting Harry Thurston as Chair and Porshe Taylor as vice chair.

The exchange came when resident Melissa Case, who was recording the meeting, and the mayor came up and sat next to her and the two had a side conversation as the committee was holding a discussion.  Case stated she was asking more fair questions of Hernandez-Thorpe and trying to be open minded. The mayor responded she was not being fair and she had been throwing “insults” while lecturing her that she loses people when she does that.

Case then called Hernandez-Thorpe out for calling an Antioch resident a “fool” on social media.

“Okay Mr. Pot Meet Kettle Black because you called Tom Hatrick a name,” stated Case.

In which Hernandez-Thorpe responded:

“I did, Yah, he is a fool. He is a fool. He is a clown,” stated Thorpe. “I don’t write those comments, my daughter does, but he is a clown.”

At that point, the committee slammed the gavel down in an effort to get Case and Hernandez-Thorpe to stop talking during the meeting—in which both laughed.

Other Items picked up on Mic:

  • Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe also made reference to committee member Devin Williams stating he had spoken to him prior to the appointment —  “Devin has calmed down. You are not going to embarrass me,” stated Hernandez-Thorpe.
  • Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe also told Case he would have no problem removing Leslie May from the committee should she gets out of line and that she was warned.
  • Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe and Case also discussed the committee and biased behaviors. It was stated if it failed, it was because of Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker. – both laughed.

Thorpe Continues to Censure and Delete Facebook Posts

In a March 13 Facebook Post, Thorpe was caught deleting comments in which Hartrick called him out for censuring the comments–Thorpe responded by calling Hartrick a “loser” twice with laughing emojis. Hatrick’s comment along with Thorpes response were soon deleted.

Mondays discussion with Case and Thorpe were in response to this above posting.

The Commission shall advise the City Council and Staff on the administration of the Antioch Police Department and public safety issues to ensure that the policies conform to national standards of constitutional policing. The Commission shall promote, encourage, and facilitate community participation and oversight by reviewing and recommending policies that is sensitive to the diverse needs of residents, aiming to inform the community of its rights and responsibilities on interactions with police officers. Ordinance 2212: Creation of Police Oversight Commission


  1. Alicia Lacey-Oha
  2. Devin Williams
  3. Porshe Taylor
  4. Leslie May
  5. Mahogany Spears
  6. Treva Hadden
  7. Harry Thurston

The commission will meet twice a month, except in July/December, when meetings occur only once.


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MODERATE March 19, 2024 - 8:30 am

Hernandez-Thorpe should know all about fools and clowns since he is both of those.

Street Sweeper March 19, 2024 - 2:11 pm


Forgot Some March 19, 2024 - 9:21 am

No reporting on the multiple Brown Act Violations or that the attorney did next to nothing to assist them through this process? How about Thurston and Becker going at it when Thurston interupted Beckers public comment?

Grow up March 19, 2024 - 7:02 pm

So the mayor of a city has his daughter call citizens names, using his name on social media? What part of any of that is normal? (I suspect he threw his daughter under the bus, however. It was probably him. Maybe he doesn’t even remember doing it. Drunk posting, perhaps?)

Lestslie May March 20, 2024 - 5:08 pm

You try it sucker

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