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Podcast: Goodbye WTF California and Hello Contra Costa News

by CC News
Contra Costa News

On this episode, I join Ken Turnage for one last time as we get closure on the WTF California Podcast and explain what happened and the creation of the Contra Costa News Podcast. For old time sake, we talk about a few items rubbing us the wrong way locally and in the state. The new podcast will be launching in November.   Thanks again for all the memories and support.

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Within the episode, we go over what happened and why the podcast formally WTF California stopped. We do get into some local issues in Antioch, the free rent we have in some elected officials head, memories, Somersville Town Center area and the giant goof on redevelopment by the City of Antioch. And some nice things being accomplished by the Antioch Unified School District.

The new show will feature the people and businesses around Contra Costa County while still tackling the issues and tough conversations occurring around the county and greater San Francisco Bay Area with a goal of allowing people to showcase their expertise–and yes, it will still have some edge to it.

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