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Organized Retail Theft Operation Recovers $350k in Stolen Merchandise

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by CC News
Retail Theft

The Concord Police Department, along with CHP, investigated a string of organized retail thefts from businesses in the City of Concord which led to the recovery in $350k in stolen merchandise.


OAKLAND, Calif. – On November 7, 2023, the Golden Gate Division’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force (ORCTF), in collaboration with the Valley Division Investigative Services Unit (ISU) and the Concord Police Department, successfully executed search warrants in the areas of Oakland and Galt.

These operations were conducted based on prior intelligence, indicating that the Oakland residence was potentially being used for illegal fencing activities, associated with known suspects. In Galt, additional stolen retail merchandise was suspected to be stored in a box van and a trailer.

During the search of the Oakland residence, investigators uncovered stolen retail merchandise and a loaded handgun.

The primary suspects were apprehended and subsequently booked into the Alameda County jail, facing a range of charges, including but not limited to California Penal Code (CPC) 487(a)- Grand Theft, CPC 496(a)- Possession of Stolen Property, and CPC 182 – Conspiracy to Commit a Crime. Further investigation revealed that the suspect had leased a storage facility in Oakland, leading to the issuance of an additional search warrant. This subsequent search yielded more stolen retail merchandise. Investigators also located and seized $17,344.00 as proceeds from illicit criminal activity. Additionally, while inspecting several vehicles containing stolen items, investigators discovered a second loaded handgun.

In Galt, Valley ISU Investigators successfully located and seized two vehicles, which were found to contain a substantial quantity of stolen retail merchandise. With the assistance of retail personnel in inventorying the stolen items, it was estimated that the total value of the recovered merchandise exceeded $350,000.00.

The successful execution of the search warrants exemplifies the effectiveness of partnerships and collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, and the retail industry in combating and dismantling organized retail crime networks within California.

The mission of the California Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service, and Security.

From Concord Police:


For the past several months, the Concord Police Department’s Financial Crimes Unit has been investigating a string of thefts from businesses in the City of Concord.

Through months of investigative work, the Concord Police Department, with support from local retail loss prevention staff, was able to identify a possible fencing location in the City of Oakland. The Concord Police Department relayed this information to the California Highway Patrol’s Organized Retail Task Force (ORCTF) who conducted a complex and extensive follow-up investigation.

During the early morning hours on Tuesday, the CHP ORCTF conducted a search warrant on the suspected fencing location in the City of Oakland.

The result was the seizure of stolen items from various stores around the Bay Area, as well as two firearms. $17,344 cash was seized as proceeds from the retail theft activity.

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