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Wallet Helps San Pablo Police Arrest Antioch Man

by CC News
San Pablo

The San Pablo Police Department report a male out of Antioch was arrested and booked on multiple charges including being a parole with firearms and evading police.

Back on October 29, San Pablo officers were flagged down by a frantic man who said he just saw his brother’s stolen Chevy being stripped by two people down the street. Officers converged on the location and when they arrived on scene, the two auto thieves dropped their tools and quickly ran away.

Officers chased the two suspects through several backyards, until they both climbed onto the roofs of nearby houses and were seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop. At one point the suspects were seen attempting to break into a house.

Officers coordinated with our officers from the Richmond Police Department, who assisted in setting a large perimeter in the area and also called for the assistance from the California Highway Patrol Air Support Division. CHP sent their helicopter to get a bird’s eye view, while K-9 Officer Kitchen and his K-9 partner Riggs began to sniff for the bad guy and bad gal.

After an extensive search, officers were unable to locate the suspects who appeared to have eluded capture. Through an investigation, officers found the main suspect’s backpack in the stolen Chevy with a loaded stolen gun, bullets, a bullet proof vest, and burglary tools.

According to police, the man also left his wallet in the Chevy, which officers were able to identify him as a 36 year old man from the city of Antioch. He was the same man who was jumping from rooftop to rooftop just hours before!  Police said he was a parole and not allowed to have firearms.

Officers wrote an arrest warrant for the suspect and notified other police departments.

On Monday, Nov 20, officers located a different stolen Chevy Suburban, driving through the city. Officers attempted to stop the car, however it led them on a brief pursuit. Officers decided to cancel their pursuit due to the dangerous driving of the suspect.

However, CHP Air Support were right above the suspect in their helicopter, H-30, following his path. At one point during the incident the stolen Chevy tried to ram an officer in his patrol car by playing chicken, however the suspect missed by inches and crashed into a parked vehicle nearby as he continued to flee. Moments later, the Chevy crashed into another parked car and he ran away on foot leaving his loot in the car.

The suspect then ran inside someone’s house and tried to hide, but quickly gave up when he heard K-9 Riggs outside. Once officers arrested the suspect, they discovered he was the same fleeing felon from Antioch from a few weeks ago.

Officers found two more loaded stolen guns in the stolen car

San Pablo Police said no one was hurt in the two incidents and the unidentified male out of Antioch was booked into county jail on multiple felonies.

Information released by San Pablo Police

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Street Sweeper November 21, 2023 - 8:46 am

Lol Antioch!!!

Keep Him November 21, 2023 - 4:22 pm

Let’s hope they keep him in prison this time for a long time. He is clearly not fit to be free.


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