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HAZMAT Response to Pittsburg Safeway Prompts Evacuation

by CC News

A hazmat response has prompted the Safeway in the City of Pittsburg to be evacuated Monday which has left one person in need of treatment.

According to preliminary information, at 12:00 pm Monday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to Safeway after some sort of refrigerator incident occurred that left one person hit in the face with Freon.

Firefighters responded and noticed a high level of chemicals in the store which prompted an evacuation of the Safeway store. They were also trying to track down the technician who was supposed to be working on the refrigerator.

By 12:20 pm, CONFIRE requested Pittsburg Police to provide traffic control on Bailey Road and were working to shut down the parking lot.

By 12:27 pm, CONFIRE said one person was transported via AMR after Freon exposure. They were still attempting to search for the refrigerator technician.


As of 1:45 pm, CONFIRE issued the following statement: ConFire was dispatched to a gas leak at Safeway in Pittsburg on Bailey Road at approximately 12:00pm. Upon arrival it was determined to be Freon, the store was immediately evacuated. One employee was transported to the hospital, experiencing difficulty breathing.

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