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Oakley Councilmember Throws Shade on Koda Dog Park Progress

by CC News
George Fuller

Oakley residents continue to be misled by Oakley City Councilmember George Fuller who offered a public apology regarding Koda Dog Park.

In a recent social media post, Fuller shared his opinion regarding a shade structure at Koda Park not yet being installed while stating he has “no faith” in any future date proposed by city manager Josh McMurray.

This is what he wrote:

The City of Oakley Owes an Apology to the Dog Owners Who Use Koda Dog Park

The City of Oakley owes the dog owners who use the Koda Dog Park an apology. The dog park was to have shade areas installed mid-July, as promised publicly by City Manager Joshua McMurray. Unfortunately, that did not happen Consequently the dogs, and people, were subjected to the perilous heat we experienced this Summer without adequate protection from the Sun. 

Funds for shade protection in the Koda Dog Park were initially approved when the park was approved by a previous council. People in City Hall deny this, and the tape evidence is gone. Fortunately, there are documents that say otherwise. Over two years ago I began requesting the construction of shade areas for the dog park. Finally, last year, funds were approved. In June of this year, during a council meeting, it was announced the construction of the shade would begin mid-July this year. That obviously has not happened. Mr. McMurray has offered to set another date, but at this juncture, I no longer have confidence in any date proposed. 

I must apologize to the Koda Dog Park users. My Spring and Summer have been filled with activities regarding completion of my Doctor of Education in Special Education Degree from the University of San Francisco. My available time became constricted and I relied on the word of City Hall that shade was going up. I will ensure from this date forward, while I am a member of the Oakley City Council, that I will personally inspect proposed building sites to ensure the needs of Oakley residents are being met. 

I offer special apologies for the dog owner whose dog exhibited heat stroke symptoms while at the dog park. Shade should have been available to prevent this from happening. 

George Fuller, Ed.D.
City Councilmember, City of Oakley, CA

It’s unclear where Fuller got his July timeline from as the city council only approved the contract with Specified Play Equipment Company for $149,637 on July 11 in a 5-0 vote–suggesting within a week of a project award it would be completed which does not happen with government. The staff report also stated the project could be completed by the end of August, but could also be delayed due to availability of materials.

Oakley City Manager Josh McMurray explained he came up with the “end of July” timeline prior to the contract even being awarded by the council—this was also during a 1-on-1 meeting and not announced during a June Council meeting as suggested by Fuller.

McMurray insists that in June, they were still planning to bring the item to a vote of the council on July 11.

“The conversations with our contractor indicated materials could be sourced and the project had the potential to be completed by the end of July,” said McMurray who pointed out the staff report from July 11 noted the more realistic timeline was end of August, if not longer.

On Thursday, Oakley Mayor Aaron Meadows disputed Fuller’s timeline claim stating he believed that after the council approved the item on July 11, the project would be completed by the end of fall.

Oakley Councilmember Shannon Shaw called Fullers social media post “inappropriate” with his timeline being off. She also understood the project could have delays and the council was made aware of this when they voted on the item. She agreed with Meadows assessment that it would be completed sometime this fall.

“I have full confidence in both our city manager and staff that projects will be completed in timelines they provide baring circumstances out of their control,” stated Shaw.

Councilmember Anissa Williams shared that at their May 9 meeting, the public works director gave an update on all projects while noting they were still dealing with residual supply chain issues which could impact multiple projects, including Koda Dog Park. She added the estimated project would be completed by the end of the year, if not sooner.

July 11 Staff Reportclick here

Proposalclick here

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Fuller needs to go August 31, 2023 - 11:58 am

Fuller is an incompetent and worthless council member. He only hurts the city with his unprofessional personal statements.

Dave September 1, 2023 - 9:13 am

Maybe Fuller didn’t hear the specifics from the Public Works Director because he was busy getting a bottle of water and was not paying attention.

Jennifer September 2, 2023 - 12:22 pm

This all just sounds like Government BS, Take our taxes and do nothing…your no better then Gaven Neusom ruining are Beautiful state of California..

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