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Pittsburg Agrees to Add Additional ALPR Cameras

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Public Safety Cameras

At its November 20 meeting, The Pittsburg City Council agreed to approve accept and allocate JAG Grant funds to its Public Safety Camera Expansion Package. The council approved the item in a 3-0 vote.

The Pittsburg Police Department was seeking City Council authorization to accept and allocate $37,029 in JAG Grant funds towards the purchase of a Vigilant Public Safety Camera Expansion Package. By approving the grant, it allows the Pittsburg Police Department to add three additional ALPR cameras to be placed strategically within the city. This further helps the police department monitor and respond to security-related incidents.

Funds for the Vigilant Public Safety Camera Expansion Package will be covered through the allocation of JAG Grant funds and will have no impact to the 2023/24 Fiscal Budget. The quote is for $38,099.70, with the JAG Grant covering most of the costs. An additional amount of $1,070.70 in purchase costs will be covered through the Police Department’s Camera Network budget.

The cameras will help police by providing “valuable” visual evidence and aid in criminal investigations according to police.

Councilmember Jelani Killings highlighted the city has been leaning on the ALPR cameras including the monitoring of Highway 4 which he says Pittsburg has been instrumental in the region adopting the technology.

“This JAG grant also supplements what we have going on with our camera network and the work we have seen on the region with the Highway 4 expansion,” stated Killings.

The item was approved in a 3-0 vote by Dionne Adams, Juan Banales and Killings. Mayor Shanelle Scales-Preston and Angelica Lopez were absent.

The staff report adds that over the last 15 years, the Police Department has built a robust network of Public Safety Cameras throughout the City of Pittsburg. These cameras have proved to be a valuable tool in safeguarding the residents of Pittsburg through supplementing criminal investigation efforts as well as serving as a deterrent to criminal activity within the City limits.

This item was presented and supported by the Public Safety Subcommittee on November 7, 2023.

To watch the meeting, click here

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