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Brentwood Police Say Stolen Vehicle Leads to Two Arrests

Brentwood PD

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Stolen Vehicle

The Brentwood Police Department announced that a stolen vehicle resulted in two people being arrested.

On Sunday around 5:00 PM, Brentwood officers were called to the 8800 block of Brentwood Blvd, for a report that the reporting party had just located their stolen car. The victim told Dispatch the car was occupied by two individuals and she knew it was her car based on the distinct damage it had.

Officers arrived on scene quickly and detained 41 year-old Michael VanBrusselen of Clayton, and 58 year-old Kelly Katrones of Pittsburg.

After detaining both VanBrusselen and Katrones, they determined that the license plate affixed to the car did not belong to it and in fact belonged to a different car, which was registered to Katrones.

Officers searched the car and located a loaded shotgun, BB Gun, numerous burglary tools including a significant amount of keys which had been shaved down.

VanBrusselen and Katrones were placed under arrest for being in possession of the stolen car and in possession of burglary tools. VanBrusselen, who is a convicted felon, also had an outstanding warrant, and received additional charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm and other related charges.

This incident underscores the importance of community cooperation and swift police response in addressing criminal activities. The Brentwood Police Department commends the community member for their vigilance and encourages residents to remain vigilant in reporting suspicious activities.

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