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Clayton Kicks Off Infrastructure Upgrades for Community Benefit

City of Clayton

by CC News
Widespread Infrastructure Upgrades

Clayton, CA – The City of Clayton announced the launch of the construction phase of its new Comprehensive Infrastructure Renewal and General Fund Savings Program. Faced with aging infrastructure and limited staff bandwidth, the City developed this program to advance conservation efforts, combat PG&E rate increases, and provide staff support via technology enhancements.

“Our energy program is really moving the needle on our fiscal and environmental priorities. Clayton’s infrastructure is in the process of becoming smarter, safer and more efficient and that impact has a ripple effect across our community,” said City Manager Bret Prebula.

“With the constant rise in energy costs, the City of Clayton needed to identify new strategies to save funds so that we may continue to invest in our great community,” added City of Clayton Councilmember Jeff Wan. “The modernizations will bring significant energy savings that will mitigate the impact of double-digit utility rate increases felt in Clayton and across California. It brings me great pride to see these growth opportunities come to fruition. Especially in a fiscally responsible manner.”

Funding for the initiative comes primarily from a $1.9 million California Energy Commission 1% Loan through the Energy Conservation Assistance Act, as well as less than $150,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars.

The improvements target core areas of Clayton’s infrastructure needs: lighting, water, HVAC and Building Automation Systems (BAS), electric vehicle charging and solar. All modernizations drastically reduce energy consumption and maintenance and operations needs. The result: savings for years to come.

New LED lights will soon replace street, pathway and building lighting, enhancing public safety around the City after hours. The LED system plugs into a modern dashboard that allows City staff to monitor the lights remotely, making it faster than ever to identify and repair outages. The City’s new smart irrigation system will feature a similar dashboard, tracking on major leaks and reducing water waste in the event of a break.

The City’s incoming HVAC modernizations improve air quality and occupancy comfort, while complementary BAS ensures the HVAC system maintains the same temperature in facilities. Occupancy sensors automatically turn off indoor lighting when facilities aren’t being used.

“We believe that actions speak louder than words,” said Mayor Jim Diaz. “By progressing with this infrastructure renewal program, we reaffirm our commitment to building a future for generations of Claytonians.”

The City is also pursuing renewable energy by way of a new EV charging station at the Library for both City and public use as well as a solar-mounted parking structure placed in the Maintenance Building parking lot. After construction is complete, the complex, including City Hall and the Clayton Community Library and maintenance yard, is projected to achieve Net Zero Energy status, meaning it will generate more renewable energy on-site than it consumes annually.

“This project also brings the attention needed to staff and residents on the importance of sustainability and the benefits we can reap from making these modernizations,” said Council Member Peter Cloven. “This project elevates Clayton to become a leader in the green space, especially with a Net Zero Energy complex for City Service areas… while staying true to the core values and soul of our small town.” Council Member Holly Tillman adds, “We are very excited for what the program will do for Clayton and its residents. The City is committed to creating the best and most sustainable version of Clayton we can. This project is a big step in that direction.”

“As a member of the Energy Services and Infrastructure Renewal Ad Hoc Committee, it was a privilege to help move forward this important community program while the City underwent a transition in city managers,” said Vice-Mayor Kim Trupiano. “The collaborative effort of Ad Hoc Committee Member Wan, City Council, residents, Climatec, and other stakeholders brought this project to a new level, putting Clayton on the path other local cities can mimic. Thanks to the work of everyone involved, the City of Clayton will benefit for decades to come.”

About the City of Clayton

The City of Clayton lies on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area, at the base of Mt. Diablo. The City of over 11,000 residents highly values civic partnership with business leaders, community leaders and neighbors. This safe, scenic community has been listed three times running in CNN’s Money Magazine’s “Top 100 Places to Live in the Nation” for small cities.

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