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Video: Clayton City Council Demonstrates How Not to Run A Meeting

by CC News

On Tuesday, the Clayton City Council held a discussion on appointing two members of the council to an ad-hoc committee to gather information on downtown parking and potential options.

The discussion, however, was a perfect storm of a confused Mayor Jim Diaz, Jeff Wan attempting to play puppet master, clear collusion of what was to transpire, which followed by angry votes being cast.

Keep in mind, this 5-minute back and forth was all over appointments to a ad-hoc committee for downtown parking.


Mayor Jim Diaz declared he had a “good idea” of who should be on the committee where he recommended Jeff Wan and himself—seconded by Wan.

Councilmembr Holly Tillman stated she had asked to serve on the committee which Diaz stated he was not overlooking it.  Tillman made a substitute motion to nominate Wan and herself to the committee—seconded by Councilmember Cloven.

The council then voted 3-2 with Wan and Trupiano voting no.

Wan then called out Diaz for his vote.

“You are voting on the substitute motion, you nominated yourself but you are voting yes for Councilmemebr Tilman,” stated Wan.

Diaz then asked for procedure which Wan interjected stating the substitution motion is voted on the substitution motion which Wan attempted to get Diaz to change his vote based on confusion.

Diaz again asked where they were procedural.

Staff stated they were waiting on a vote to see if Tillman and Wan would serve on the committee.

Wan again interjected.

“Your vote is whether or not Councilmember Tillman and myself should be on the committee,” stated Wan.

Diaz again asked for another motion which he was told he had to complete his vote.

“I said yes,” stated Diaz.

Want replied, “you are saying yes to your motion.”

“Do we have a parliamentarian in the house,” requested Diaz.

Staff explained they are voting on a substitute motion which replaced Diaz original motion and needed to act on the substitute motion before they could vote on the original motion—the substitution motion was for Tillman and Wan.

Diaz then proclaimed, “I second that motion.”

Diaz was then told he had to vote “yes” or “no” on the substitute motion.

Wan then told Diaz that the substitute motion contradictions the original motion Diaz made.

“Listen, all I wanna do is get this thing moving. I don’t want to sit here and debate it all night,” stated Diaz.

“There is no debate, its just yes or no,” stared Wan. “So I would say if you want your original motion that you made, then you should vote no.”

Diaz then angrily stated he withdrew it because he didn’t want to debate it all night.

“I am withdrawing my motion and concede that Wan and Tillman be on it,” said Diaz. “How do we make this happen. Jesus.”

Motion passed in 3-2 vote.

Editors Question:
Is this really a city council meeting or a Saturday night live skit?

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Jiveass honky February 22, 2024 - 9:39 am

And these kind of idiots will solve the problems of the world ? They can’t solve their own problems.

Marsh Man February 22, 2024 - 1:07 pm

Thank you for showing what we in Clayton have had to deal with for the past two years. These people are not fit for office. Wan has to go

WanBeQuiet February 22, 2024 - 1:37 pm

Wan should have just stayed in his seat quietly.

Two Wheeler February 22, 2024 - 9:04 pm

Does that group have a copy of Roberts Rules of Order?

SP004 February 23, 2024 - 6:38 am

Hahaha. What an idiot. Time to retire.

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