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Walnut Creek City Council Subjected to Antisemitic Rant

by CC News
Walnut Creek

On Tuesday, the Walnut Creek City Council was subjected to an antisemitic rant with a man attacking Jews and stating “white power” during public comments. While at the microphone, his shirt was exposing a swastika.

Here is the transcript of what was stated during Public Comments

“I am filming this for legal reasons, my name is Scottie, and I came here to discuss the attack on free speech and our first amendment rights being stripped away by Jewish supremacist. You shut down zoom comments at the behest of the ADL because some Jews feelings got hurt. I would like to remind you there is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment and cutting off comments for speech you disagree with is in direct violation of the Oath of Office that you all swore to uphold. So, I am here today because people like you, think we are scared to show up and show our face and call you out in person and I dare you to shut me down. I will file a 1983-Civil Rights Lawsuit so fast that you will might as well break out the city’s checkbook and prepare to settle because you and I both know I will win. You people disgust me and if you think following orders from those kikes at the ADL will save you from being held accountable, you are in for a rude awakening. Its only a matter of time for yet another inevitable Jew expulsion. Whites are awoken and if these kikes don’t realize that their time is very limited on our lands then we might just have a Holocaust for real this time. If you want more information on what these Jewish tunnel rats are doing to subvert our nation, visit (website withheld) and watch (name withheld). F— all you Jews, f— the ADL, Heil Hitler, white f—-ing power.”

In response, the council stood silent while Scottie said “see you next time Wilk”.

Councilmember Kevin Wik responded to the comments citing freedom of speech.

“Mayor, we live in a free country and there is free speech and that means we have to listen to awful and heinous comments like we just listened to and I would like to apologize on behalf of the city council and anybody who had to hear that horrible, horrible speech. This is America, unfortunately we do have laws that protect people from saying anything as you just saw that. Again, I apologize on behalf of humanity.”

Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Darling apologized to Wilk stating it was clearly directed at him and was not who they were as a city.

Mayor Loella Haskew stated, “okay, umm, doggone, umm, there we are” and opted to move the meeting forward.

Here is the council meeting video:

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MODERATE February 21, 2024 - 10:43 am

Ignorance in action – and a positively stupid choice of venue at which to exhibit it.

The Truth February 22, 2024 - 5:51 am

Typical coward wearing glasses and a hat.

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