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Pittsburg Hires Firm to Bring New Retail and Restaurants to Town

by CC News

The City of Pittsburg proudly announces its new partnership with Retail Strategies, the premier community development firm in the U.S. The company will use its expertise to analyze market data, evaluate site potential, and pinpoint opportunities to improve Pittsburg’s retail landscape.

Jordan Davis, Director of Community and Economic Development for Pittsburg, says, “Retail Strategies brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record in retail recruitment. They will assess our retail areas and work to create a vibrant retail scene for our community. Choosing Retail Strategies as our partner will boost quality of life and our city’s overall economic health.”

Jessica Bohlen, Director of Community Partnerships for Retail Strategies, said, “We are excited to partner with the city of Pittsburg for retail recruitment services. Our team is dedicated to creating and executing a tailored retail recruitment strategy while collaborating closely with the Pittsburg city staff. We look forward to adding Pittsburg to our growing list of success stories.”

Retail Strategies will perform a real estate market analysis in Pittsburg and identify areas of opportunity for retailers to capitalize on the traffic in specific zones. The partnership will focus on defining the retail trade area and highlight opportunities for development and business recruitment. Additionally, Brookley Valencia and Brooke Hill, portfolio directors, along with John Mark Boozer, retail development manager at Retail Strategies, will proactively contact potential businesses, property owners, brokers, and developers to pitch opportunities in the city.

Editors Notes:

According to Davis, the item was approved at the October 16,  2023 meeting by the Pittsburg City Council. This is a 3-year contract at $50k per year–which can be terminated at the end of each year.

“The main goal here is straightforward: landing high-quality retailers and restaurants that meet the needs of our residents. We want to see fewer vacancies in the larger commercial areas, and better aesthetics overall, which come with activated commercial centers. For the first year, we anticipate mainly factfinding and demographic work by Retail Strategies to see where we have strengths and opportunities. We hope in years 2-3 – if not before – we can attract a large retailer, as well as some new restaurants,” said Davis.

The city will also be providing grants to its Pittsbug Eats! participants.


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