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Brentwood Costco to Move Forward After Lawsuit Dismissed

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Brentwood Costco

The City of Brentwood announced that Costco will move forward after a lawsuit was dismissed and construction could begin this summer.

“West Coast Home Builders, the only remaining plaintiff/petitioner in the Costco lawsuit, has just filed a Request for Dismissal of the City of Brentwood and Costco. Construction could proceed this summer and be open early next year,” said the City in a statement.

“Brentwood Council and staff are ecstatic that this exciting project is finally moving forward. It is the number one question we get from residents asking for an update on Costco’s timing,” explained City Manager Tim Ogden. “The Costco company has been great to work with and extremely patient through this lawsuit. We look forward to processing their plans and issuing permits soon for construction to begin. We fully expect this to be a catalyst project for the continued development of the Innovation Center at Brentwood, and eager for the jobs to follow shortening commutes.”

Project Background:

According to the application, Costco Wholesale would construct a warehouse and a fuel facility just south of Lone Tree Plaza Drive and east of Heidorn Ranch Road. It would require two parcel re-configuration’s and require both a 19.04 acre parcel and a 4.02 parcel and break them into four smaller parcels:

  • Parcel A 17.79 acres (Costco retail warehouse)
  • Parcel B 1.66 acres (Costco fuel station)
  • Parcel C 1.38 acres (to remain unimproved and zoned TV/MU)
  • Parcel D 2.23 acres (to remain unimproved and zoned TV/MU)

The approval came with concerns from resident who cited traffic as the store anticipates more than 15,000 vehicles going in and out of the area with around 7,400 specifically to Costco.

However, the extension from Sand Creek to Heidorn Ranch Road is expected to be completed by the time Costco is open which per the traffic study would reduce traffic flow on Lone Tree by 38%.  By having Costco in Brentwood, the city anticipates approximately $1 million in new tax revenues.

Retail Warehouse

The proposed retail warehouse includes approximately 152,000 square feet of gross lease area that would include:

  • bakery
  • pharmacy
  • optical center
  • hearing aid testing center
  • food court
  • alcohol sales
  • testing/samples,
  • tire sales and installation center,
  • as well as a 5,368-square-foot open air canopy at the entrance.

The planned retail warehouse hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. It should be noted that while these are the hours as proposed by the applicant, since operation of the warehouse retailer is a permitted use, they can be modified at the applicant’s discretion in the future.

Retail Tire Center

The 5,275 square-foot tire sales and installation facility with five installation bays would be incorporated into the retail warehouse footprint. A promotional vehicle may be on display at the entry to the building. This vehicle is only to promote online or off-site vehicle sales; no vehicle sales would be permitted on-site.

Site Plan and Access

The Costco site would have a total of five vehicle access points. The main access point would be the existing intersection at Lone Tree Plaza Drive and Cañada Valley Road. Four additional driveways will be provided along Lone Tree Plaza Drive. The driveway to the west of the main access and two to the east would primarily be used for delivery trucks. The fifth access point would also be constructed along Lone Tree Plaza Drive and traverse through the outer vacant parcels to provide access to the southwest of the Costco site.

Pedestrian circulation would be accommodated by sidewalk improvements along the two Costco parcel frontages on Lone Tree Plaza Drive, with a connecting path running east and west through the center of the development to the entrance of Costco, as well as a sidewalk and path of travel running north and south connecting to the Mokelumne Trail. This connection is consistent with the vision of the PA-1 Specific Plan, and specifically Goal LU-5, to provide a 10- foot wide multi-use trail connecting the Mokelumne Trail to the project site, as well as the northwestern portion of the Specific Plan area.

Note: Parking – The Costco project would create 864 parking spaces to serve the retail warehouse and fueling station

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