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Martinez Refinery Releases Coke Dust by Accident on Saturday

by CC News

On Saturday, Contra Costa County Health announced it was notified of an accidental released of coke dust from the Martinez Refinery.

Contra Costa Health released two statements on the Feb 10 incident:

  • At 1:18pm, we were notified of an accidental release of petroleum coke dust from the Martinez refinery with potential offsite impacts. We are sending out our Hazmat Team to assess community impact.
  • Update: Our HazMat team has completed its assessment and concluded there is no evidence of offsite impacts from the earlier coke-dust release at the Martinez Refining Company. The concludes our response to this incident.

The Martinez Refining Company issued the following statement:

At approximately 1:15 p.m. on Saturday, February 10, 2024, petroleum coke was being transported within the Martinez Refinery when a small amount became airborne for a short period of time. Our trained employees rapidly and safely responded, keeping the petroleum coke on-site, in the immediate vicinity where the material was being moved.

Per our procedures, we promptly issued a Community Warning System Level 1 notification, contacted appropriate agencies, and conducted community monitoring. Based on community monitoring results, the release was contained on-site without any off-site impacts. We apologize for any concern this may have caused the community.

As always, we have a community inquiry phone number you can call at 925-313-3777 or 925-313-3601 during off work hours.

The release came days after MRF announced  Intermittent Flaring Expected due to maintenance:

Following unit shutdown, our employees and contractor partners will safely conduct maintenance work over the next few weeks. Following completion of the work, we will re-start the unit, during which intermittent flaring will occur for a few days until the re-start is complete. The associated flaring with the re-start will again be primarily clean-combusting treated process gas. Prior to unit re-start, we will notify appropriate agencies and issue another community update.

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