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Aug 20-26: El Cerrito Police Calls

by CC News
El Cerrito

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito from August 20th to August 26th via the El Cerrito Police Department.

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito. It does not include all crimes. It also does not include non-criminal events such as missing persons, traffic collisions, non-criminal deaths, non-criminal disputes, nor many other police activities that do not result in arrest.

August 20th

Vehicle Burglary – 500 block of Kearney St:
At 8:42 AM an officer reports a suspect pried the driver door handle of a vehicle and moved the vehicle from its parking stall in an apparent attempt to steal it.  The suspect was able to roll both windows down, but was not successful in taking the vehicle.  The suspect stole the vehicle registration and a yoga mat from the vehicle.  The suspect caused heavy damage to the ignition of the vehicle.

Assault with a Firearm- MacDonald/Mono:
At 10:17 PM officers were dispatched to the area for several gunshots and a collision. Upon arrival officers located three victims that were suffering from gunshot wounds.  The victims stated they were driving in Richmond when a suspect shot at them. The victims attempted to evade the suspect and were followed into El Cerrito where the victims collided into a park vehicle. The suspect shot at the victims several more times before fleeing the area.

August 21st

Residential Burglary – 5900 block of San Diego St:
At 9:48 AM a suspect was confronted by a resident as he attempted to climb in through a bathroom window.  When the victim yelled, the suspect dropped to the ground outside, jumped the fence and ran away.

Vandalism- 3400 Block of Carlson Blvd:
At 6:32 PM an officer reports an unknown suspect smashed out on of the victim’s window to her rental property.

August 22nd

Auto Burglary – 6300 block of Lagunitas Ave.
At 6:09AM the suspect shattered the rear window of the victim’s vehicle and stole miscellaneous items.

Stolen Vehicle/Possession of Stolen Property/Possession of Other Identification – 6400 Manila Ave. (DMV)
At 3:23PM the El Cerrito Police Department’s FLOCK system alerted to a reported stolen vehicle.  The vehicle was located parked in the DMV parking lot.  An occupant was arrested and found to be on probation out of Alameda County for weapons charges.   The subject was also in possession of a victim’s personal check and a United States Postal Service master mailbox key.  The suspect was booked at the police department and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Grand Theft – 10602 San Pablo Ave (Exxon)
At 5:17PM the suspect ripped off the display of lotto tickets and fled in a vehicle driven by a second suspect.

Brandishing – 11450 San Pablo Ave (Safeway).
At 4:05AM the victim was riding his skateboard and hit a parked vehicle.  The owner/suspect exited the vehicle and threatened the victim with a machete.  The suspect fled the area in the vehicle prior to police arrival.

August 23rd

Vandalism – 11344 San Pablo Ave. (Denny’s)
At 6:35AM officers accepted the citizen’s arrest of a suspect who damaged property to the business and refused to leave.  The suspect was booked at the police department and released on a citation.

Shoplifting – 11450 San Pablo Ave.
At 8:46AM the suspect stole miscellaneous items and fled on foot.

Stolen Vehicle – 800 block of Everett St.
At 9:28AM the victim reports that their vehicle was stolen sometime from July 25th to August 23rd.

Auto Burglary – 800 block of Lexington Ave.
At 1:24PM. the suspect shattered the front passenger window of the victim’s vehicle and stole a wallet containing two debit cards. The suspect fled in a vehicle southbound towards Stockton Ave.

Stolen Vehicle – 10900 block of San Pablo Ave.
At 1:56PM the victim reports their vehicle was stolen sometime August 19th to August 23rd.

Residential Burglary – 500 block of Oak St.
At 4:32PM the suspect entered the victim’s residence via an open window and stole miscellaneous items.

August 24th

Petty Theft – 8800 block of Terrace Dr.
The victim’s rear rims and tires were stolen off their vehicle from August 13th to August 17th.

Stolen Vehicle – San Pablo Ave. at Potrero Ave.
At 3:18PM the police departments FLOCK system alerted to a stolen vehicle traveling on San Pablo Ave.  Officers located the vehicle and arrested two suspects inside of it.  Both suspects were booked at the El Cerrito Police Department.  The driver was transported to County Jail and the passenger was released.

Stolen License Plates – 3200 block of Belmont Ave.
At 3:21PM the victim’s rear license plate was stolen.

 Auto Burglary – 670 El Cerrito Plaza (CVS) –
At 4:00 PM a suspect shattered the driver’s side window of the victims vehicle and stole items from inside.

August 25th

Warrant Arrest – 512 El Cerrito Plaza
At 6:47 AM an officer contacted a subject and learned they had an outstanding warrant for their arrest.  They were arrested, booked at ECPD, and then transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Petty Theft – 3090 El Cerrito Plaza (Starbucks)
A person reported to an officer that they had left personal property inside of the business the day before and when they returned to get their property they found someone had stolen it.

Identity Theft – 1400 block of Scott Street
At 11:47 AM an officer was sent to the report that the victim had paid someone money for services that were never completed.

Battery – 11450 San Pablo Ave
At 9:32PM the victim reported being pushed against a railing inside of the store.  The suspect was given a citation.

August 26th

Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 10900 San Pablo Ave
At 4:11 PM Officers recovered a stolen vehicle in the back parking lot of the El Cerrito Police Department after receiving a Flock camera alert.

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