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Richmond Police Nab Kidnapping Suspect

by CC News

The Richmond Police Department announced the arrest of a kidnapping suspect in a stolen vehicle.

On Wednesday, a Richmond officer observed a van driving recklessly on city streets. When the officer attempted to stop the van, and it tried to flee from the officer. The officer could see a female in the passenger seat frantically waving at him, who appeared to be in distress.

The officer, believing the victim was being held against her will, continued to pursue the vehicle into the City of Oakland.

Police say the driver ultimately fled from the van on foot after driving onto a dead-end street. Officers pursued the suspect on foot and took the suspect into custody after a short struggle.

Officers later confirmed that the female was being held against her will in the vehicle. They also determined that the van was reported stolen and the suspect had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Richmond Police did not identify the person arrested or the age of the female.

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