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Updated: Richmond Police Investigate Homicide

by CC News

The Richmond Police Department says it is investigating a homicide that occurred Wednesday morning.

According to police, at 5:51 a.m., Richmond Police Dispatch received a call about a disturbance in the 300 block of South 36th St. The caller reported that a subject had been injured at the location and needed medical assistance. Medical personnel and RPD officers responded to the location where they had located a victim. Unfortunately, the victim succumbed to their wounds at the scene.

Richmond Police Department Homicide Detectives are at the scene actively investigating this incident. Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to contact RPD Detectives at 510-233-1214.

No other information was released by Richmond Police.

Thursday UPDATE: Homicide Suspect In Custody!

Yesterday morning, RPD Officers responded to a disturbance call in the 300 block of South 36th St. Upon arrival, officers located a victim who had sustained fatal wounds. Based on preliminary evidence, officers determined the incident was a homicide. RPD Homicide Detectives responded and assumed the investigation.

Working throughout the day and night, RPD Detectives identified a suspect in the case and worked tirelessly to locate them.

This afternoon, through their hard work and determination, RPD Detectives, in partnership with an outside agency, were able to locate and take the suspect into custody. We thank our allied agencies for their assistance in locating this suspect.

Based on their outstanding work, we are happy to report this appears to be an isolated incident with the suspect in custody, with no active threat to our community safety.

Although we are relieved this suspect is in custody, we also offer our condolences to the victim and his family in this case. The RPD will continue to work diligently on this case to ensure this suspect is held accountable.



2024 NIBRS Crime Statistics – Group A Offenses

Group A Crimes 2023 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec YTD Total
Homicide 1 1 2
Sex Offenses (Forcible) 3 13 16
Sex Offenses (Non-Forcible) 0 1 1
Robbery 28 33 61
Aggravated Assault 94 60 154
Simple Assault 57 49 106
Intimidation 26 14 45
Burglary 28 21 49
Larceny/Theft 142 141 283
Motor Vehicle Theft 108 90 198
Arson 4 2 6
Bribery 0 0 0
Counterfeiting/Forgery 2 3 5
Vandalism 77 54 131
Drug/Narcotic Violations 21 19 40
Embezzlement 0 0 0
Extortion/Blackmail 1 0 1
Fraud 17 21 38
Gambling 0 0 0
Kidnapping 2 4 6
Pornography 0 1 1
Prostitution 2 1 3
Stolen Property 8 3 11
Weapons Law Violations 25 19 44
Human Trafficking 0 0 0
Group A Crimes Total 646 555 1,201

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