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City of Richmond Highlights Record Low Number of Homicides

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City of Richmond

On Tuesday, the City of Richmond shared it has reduced the number of homicides to a record low of 8 in 2023.

At its council meeting, Richmond city council touted the work of not only the Richmond Police Department, but its efforts in working with staff, community groups, non-profits, athletic programs and young people.

According to data, here is a look at homicide date over the past few years.

  • 2023 – 8
  • 2022 – 18
  • 2021 – 18
  • 2020 – 22
  • 1991 – 61

Vice Mayor Gayle McLaughlin explained they would not be giving the proclamation to anyone in particular on Tuesday but it would be sent out to the many groups. To read the proclamation – click here

“The reason we are not presenting it to anyone is because there is a host of organizations, city departments, commissions and committees we want to make sure are recognized,” said McLaughlin who shared they would be sending out certificates of appreciation for helping reduce homicides.

“In 2023, we had 8 homicides which is the lowest in Richmond’s recorded history going back to 1971,” stated McLaughlin. “Its really a great collaborative effort on the part of us all.”

Mayor Eduardo Martinez called it a community effort.

“This turnaround is a community effort. Its all of us working together and creating a safe space and finding ways to find solutions to how to move forward,” stated Martinez. “I am just speechless as to what a beautiful city as to what Richmond is becoming.”

He also praised the rent stabilization board because creating a safe space environment and creating a safe home environment for families was crucial while also praising “young people” who have come out in big numbers in political, environmental, and on social issues.

Councilmember Claudia Jimenez added that investing in young people and trying to support people is what pays off.

“I want to thank everybody and the council who had been since 2020 to now supporting programs and putting funding where we think it will support the community to address the root cause of violence,” explained Jimenez. “We need to address the root causes and I want to thank all the young residents in Richmond who have decided to not be in the violence or the gangs or violent activity. All these young folks who have been part of this I want to thank.”

She encouraged everyone to continue to be engaged and said what other cities can learn from the City of Richmond is that they have not taken one approach, but it was many approaches that help make more people safe.


However, during public comments, resident Mark Wassberg offered a different perspective and accused the city of lying.

“The reason for the low homicide rate is because the criminals killed each other out. 369 homicides are in the Iron Triangle North Richmond on the South Side. I was there with the Richmond PD, with the ride along. I was there with the activist, the black crime summit in 2004, State of Emergency in 2005, tent city in 2006 and 2007, Operation Richmond in 2010. I was there, none of you people were there,” stated Wassberg. “I was in the streets, I filmed the homicides, the beatings, the shootings. I was there, none of you people were even there at the time and when McLaughlin was mayor she had the highest homicide rates ever. Do the math, 47 homicides in 2007, 47 homicides in 2009.”

Wassberg said all the homicides were in the black neighborhoods.

“This is why you had the black reverend and ministers and activists out there protesting against the violence. You had 7 Latinos who were murdered, you had 1 white person murdered in about 15 years and the rest of them was blacks killing blacks,” stated Wassberg. “This is why they were out protesting. You didn’t see the Latinos out there protesting. You didn’t see the white people out there protesting. It was the mostly the activists, the African Americans out to stop the violence but it didn’t do any good. The bottom line, they killed each other out. It was all about drugs and gangs. I know, I made the documentary about it. I filmed it. You ain’t telling me nothing, all this stuff you come up with and what McLaughlin was saying is all just a bunch of pack of lies. Lie after lie after lie. I can prove it.”

According to MacroTrends.net

Historical Murder/Homicide Rate per 100,000 Population


Staff Report:

The City of Richmond, in a collaborative effort, has made significant reductions in homicides over recent decades. This past year (2023), there were only eight (8) homicides in the City of Richmond which is a major reduction from the recorded high of 61 homicides in 1991. Our reductions in year 2023 represent a nearly 64 percent decrease in the number of homicides going back three years: year 2020 (n=22), year 2021(n=18), and year 2022 (n=18).

Many City Departments and Divisions, Commissions, Boards, Task Forces, non-profits and community groups participated in bringing about this reduction of homicides by collaboratively working to create a more empowered and peaceful Richmond.

This proclamation honors this successful collaboration and recommits us to continue fighting for the life and safety of all our residents. It also urges all City employees, all residents, all businesses, all neighborhoods and community organizations, to continue to expand our common efforts against violent crime and all crime as we work together in all ways possible to further our shared values of peace and prosperity in Richmond.

City of Richmond 2023 Crime Statistics

Citywide Index Crimes 2023 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec YTD Total
Homicide 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 2 0 8
Sexual Assault 16 12 11 6 7 8 3 8 5 8 6 10 100
Robbery 31 19 19 16 25 24 29 36 33 23 18 25 298
Aggravated Assault 66 61 49 71 80 96 66 91 93 89 92 87 941
Burglary 23 27 24 33 31 24 21 30 29 30 40 1 343
Larceny-Theft 150 135 119 156 115 137 145 157 143 169 146 124 1,696
Vehicle-Theft 102 66 99 103 103 113 104 109 116 102 104 137 1,258
Arson 3 1 3 1 0 7 1 2 1 5 2 4 30
Index Crime Totals 391 321 325 387 361 410 369 434 420 428 410 418 4,674

Richmond Year Over Year Crime Statistics

Year Over Year 2021 2022 2023
Homicide 18 18 8
Sexual Assault 86 114 100
Robbery 243 258 298
Aggravated Assault 832 857 941
Burglary 311 262 343
Larceny-Theft 1,849 1,993 1.696
Vehicle-Theft 1,044 1,068 1,258
Arson 44 34 30
Index Crime Totals 4,471 4,604 4,674

For more information: visit the Richmond Police Department crime data

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