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Feb 4-10: El Cerrito Police Calls

by CC News
El Cerrito

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito between February 4-10 according to the El Cerrito Police Department.

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito. It does not include all crimes. It also does not include non-criminal events such as missing persons, traffic collisions, non-criminal deaths, non-criminal disputes, nor many other police activities that do not result in arrest.

February 4th

  • Petty Theft – 5600 block of Jordan Ave.: At 11:21 AM, an officer reports the theft of a rear license plate sometime between 2/2/2024 and 2/4/2024.
  • Warrant Arrest – San Pablo Ave. at Blake St.: At 1:27 PM, an officer arrested a person during a pedestrian stop. The person had a citable warrant and was cited and released.
  • Vandalism – 400 block of Richmond St.: At 5:18 PM, an officer reports four suspects shattered out a window on the victim’s vehicle but did not make entry.
  • Vandalism – 300 block of Victoria St.: At 6:04 PM, an officer reports a suspect threw a rock through the window of the victim’s vehicle to gain entry. While in the vehicle, the suspect damaged the steering column.

February 5th

  • Criminal Threats – 11450 San Pablo Ave. (Safeway): At 2:26 PM, an officer reports criminal threats were exchanged between two employees.
  • Assault / Vandalism – 10636 San Pablo Ave. (24 Hour Fitness): At 11:28 PM, an officer reports a suspect shattered glass to the front door of the business and threw several pieces of the broken glass at the employees before fleeing. Officers located the suspect several blocks away. The person was placed under arrest, booked at El Cerrito PD and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.
  • Attempted Stolen Vehicle – 5300 Block of MacDonald Ave: At 11:38 PM, an officer reports the victim heard the alarm of her vehicle sounding. The victim went to investigate and discovered the suspect attempted to steal the vehicle.
  • Fighting in Public – 11344 San Pablo Ave. (Denny’s): At 2:02 AM, an officer reports two subjects were fighting inside the business. Upon arrival both subjects had separated. During the investigation the officer determined it was mutual combat and both parties declined to pursue charges.

February 6th

  • Warrant Arrest –11821 San Pablo Ave. (McDonalds): At 2:51 PM, an officer contacted a subject in front of the McDonald’s restaurant who had two citable warrants for trespassing.  The subject was cited and released.
  • Possession of a Fictitious Check/Attempting to Pass a Fictitious Check/Providing False Identification/False Personation/Possession of Stolen Property/Conspiracy – 11100 San Pablo Ave. (Bank of Montreal (BMO)): At 4:22 PM, a suspect attempted to cash an altered check using suspect’s ID and was arrested inside of the bank. A second suspect was arrested in a vehicle which was parked in the bank parking lot. Their vehicle contained more fraudulent items.  Both suspects were booked at the El Cerrito PD and transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

February 7th

  • Attempted Auto Burglary – 500 block of Kearney St. At 2:18 PM, a suspect damaged a window to the victim’s vehicle. The suspect fled in a red vehicle.
  • Stolen Vehicle – 1800 Elm St. (Summit K2):  At 3:17 PM, the victim reported that someone stole their vehicle sometime during the day.
  • Armed Robbery / Kidnapping / False Imprisonment – 7022 Stockton Ave. (7-11): At 10:25 PM, officers responded to an alarm at the business. The suspect robbed the business, took merchandise, and forced the clerk into a backroom.  The suspect fled in a vehicle prior to police arrival.

February 8th

  • Trespassing – 10200 block of San Pablo Ave. At 6:39 AM, the owner of the building saw unknown subjects walking inside via video surveillance cameras hours before calling officers. Officers arrived and located an open window at the rear of the building. Officers searched the interior of the building but did not locate anyone inside.
  • Stolen Vehicle – 2000 block of Carquinez Ave. At 8:00 AM, the victim reported that their vehicle was stolen last night.
  • Recovered Stolen Vehicle – Cypress Ave at S. 55th St. At 11:15 AM, an officer recovered a reported stolen vehicle found parked on the sidewalk.  The vehicle was recovered, and the registered owner was notified.
  • Criminal Threats / Resisting Arrest / Warrant– 7000 El Cerrito Plaza (Daiso):
    At 1:20 PM, after asking the suspect to leave the premises, the suspect threated to kill a Plaza employee. Officers contacted the suspect and learned the suspect also had a warrant for their arrest.  The suspect resisted arrest and attempted to fight with officers.  The suspect was taken into custody and transported directly to the Martinez Detention Facility.

February 9th

  • Trespass / Vandalism – 10106 San Pablo Ave. (Aicha Hair Braiding):  At 1:15 PM, an officer accepted the citizen’s arrest of a juvenile after they refused to leave the beauty shop. The juvenile started throwing the victim’s property around inside the shop.  Juvenile was released to caseworker on a juvenile affidavit.
  • Robbery – BART Path / Lincoln Ave. At 1:51 PM, two suspects shoved a victim and took their skateboard.
  • Criminal Threats / Battery – 11720 San Pablo Ave. (El Mono): At 7:42 PM, an officer reports the suspect entered the business via rear door and locked himself in the restroom. When asked to leave, the suspect threatened an employee and assaulted a customer. Responding officers located the suspect and took the suspect into custody. After booking, the suspect was released on a citation.

February 10th

  • Petty Theft – 5600 block of El Dorado St.  At 3:28 PM, an officer reports the theft of a rear license plate.
  • Stolen Vehicle / Evading – San Pablo Ave at Stockton Ave. At 4:27 PM, officers responded to a Flock hit for a stolen vehicle entering the city. Officers located the vehicle which fled. The pursuit was terminated due to the suspect driving with complete disregard for other motorists’ safety.
  • Stolen Vehicle – 500 Block of Elm St. An officer reports the suspect stole the victim’s vehicle on 2/7/2024 at 5:08 PM. The incident was captured on surveillance video.
  • Driving Under the Influence- Eureka Ave at Lexington Ave. At 2:32 AM, officers were dispatched to a hit and run collision in the area. Officers located the suspect vehicle and contacted the driver. During the DUI Investigation, officers determined the driver was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. After the driver was booked at the El Cerrito PD, the driver was transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

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