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Dec 23-30: El Cerrito Police Calls

by CC News
El Cerrito

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito between December 3-23 according to the El Cerrito Police Department.

This call log does not include all crimes. It also does not include non-criminal events such as missing persons, traffic collisions, non-criminal deaths, non-criminal disputes, nor many other police activities that do not result in arrest.  It also does not include any incidents of domestic violence.

The following is a summary of criminal activity in El Cerrito from December 24th to December 30th.

December 24th

  • Auto Burglary – 7500 block of Leviston Avenue: At 8:17 AM an officer reported that a suspect broke a window on the victim’s vehicle and stole property from inside.  Video surveilance shows the crime occurred at 11:38 PM the evening before.
  • Petty Theft – 1000 El Cerrito Plaza (Lucky): At 2:26 PM an officer accepted the citizen’s arrest of a person after store staff detained them for stealing items.  The subject was issued a citation and released at the scene.

December 25th

  • Burglary – 6120 Potrero Avenue (Los Moles): At 9:48 PM officvers were dispatched to the business for the alarm sounding.  When they arrived they found a broken door and evidence that someone had stolen property from inside. 

December 26th

  • Stolen Vehicle – 1600 Block of Norvell St. At 5:10 PM, the victim reported the theft of his vehicle.

December 27th

  • Residential Burglary – 2500 Block of Carquinez Ave. At 11:53 AM a suspect pried open the garage door and stole property from the house.
  • Elder Abuse / Drunk in Public – 200 Block of Ramona Ave. At 3:17 PM officers responded to a physical family fight.  The suspect had fled prior to the officers’ arrival.  While conducting the investigation, the suspect returned to the scene and was arrested.  The suspect was later transported to county jail.
  • Battery – 100 Block of Behrens St. At 12:43 AM, officers responded to a battery between family members.  The suspect was placed under citizens’ arrest and later transported to county jail.

December 28th

  • Vandalism – Eureka Ave at Kearney St.  At 11:48 AM an unknown suspect broke the window of a parked vehicle and drove away.
  • Assault – 700 Block of Balra Dr.  At 12:59 PM officers responded to a fight.  Both parties did not want to press charges and went their separate ways.
  • Robbery – 11450 San Pablo Ave (Safeway): At 6:51 PM officers were dispatched to a suspect stealing from the store.  During the theft, the suspect assaulted the security guard.  The suspect was arrested but later released after having a medical emergency.  The case with be forwarded to the DA’s office for filing.
  • Recovered Stolen Vehicle – 9989 San Pablo Ave (O’Reilly Auto Parts):  At 8:39 PM officers received a FLOCK hit on a stolen vehicle.  The vehicle was located parked in the rear parking lot unoccupied.  The vehicle was recovered and released to the owner at the scene.
  • Warrant Arrest – San Pablo Ave at Cutting Blvd.  At 1:40 AM officers conducted a pedestrian stop and arrested the subject on an outstanding felony warrant.  The subject was transported to county jail.
  • DUI / Hit & Run – San Pablo Ave / Stockton Ave.  At 1:59 AM officers were dispatched to a collision.  The driver fled on foot prior to police arrival.  Officers located the suspect as he attempted to walk home.  The driver was arrested for DUI and Hit & Run.  The driver was later issued a citation and released to the family at the police department.

December 29th

  • Vehicle Burglary / Vandalism – 700-900 block of Lexington Ave:  Between 4:50 – 5:30 AM a suspect shattered windows and rummaged through four vehicles, taking property from two of them.
  • FLOCK Notification – El Cerrito Plaza: At 11:19 PM, officers received a FLOCK notification of a wanted felony vehicle had entered the city. Officers circulated the area and located the vehicle parked in the El Cerrito Plaza. Officers contacted the investigating agency and were asked to impound the vehicle.

December 30th

  • Vandalism – 10398 San Pablo Ave (Subway):  An unidentified suspect shattered the front door glass with a rock at 1:41 AM, but did not make entry.
  • Vehicle Theft – 1700 block of Lexington Ave:  A vehicle was stolen sometime between 7:30 PM on 12/29 and 12:45 PM on 12/30.
  • Felony Evading – Carlson Blvd at El Dorado Ave:  At 2:39 AM, officers received a FLOCK notification of a stolen vehicle that entered the city. Officers circulated the area and located the vehicle. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle and the suspect failed to yield. The suspect led officers on a pursuit onto the freeway. One of the pursuing vehicles suffered a flat tire during the pursuit and officers terminated the pursuit due to officer safety.


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